is online!


I’m not sure why I chose this particular name for the domain since
there are better ones out there. I think it was the way people here use
that phrase back in the days. Lim Teh in Hokkien literally means “drink
tea” but it really means “going out for drinks” – where friendships are
nutured and business deals are sealed.

The forum is up, but in a different domain. It’s still
very much in its test phase, and I will give Moderator status to the
people who emailed and asked when I come tomorrow.

I’m very tired now and I’m going back to sleep. I mean seriously, I’m dead tired.

Oh, and I picked up,, along with You know, they had a sale going… – Social Networking at the Virtual Online Water Cooler []

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2 thoughts on “ is online!”

  1. When I don’t concur along with you, I obtain your shipping and delivery of your belief one that I’m able to really discover pleasant to pay attention to.
    My encounters with science and naturel have clearly been distinct.
    I genuinely admire your imagining.
    I have to take an opposing watch on “vulcanism”, even so. Like a quite untypical female, We have been instructed I’m exceptionally reasonable and analytical. And, just like the typical woman, I have triggers that make me cry, nevertheless it might make you chuckle.
    I uncover myself most disappointed and pushed into tears by persons behaving illogically. I finally had a boyfriend check out me and say, “That’s just it. Men and women don’t make perception typically. You will need to halt expecting them to, then you can be less disappointed a lot less usually.”
    Just believed you may get a giggle away from me.


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