OMG, it’s tomorrow!

omg sibu

I have less than 24 hours before I go back to Sibu – time managed to
sneak up on me and it’s Friday evening, and I realize that I haven’t
cleaned my place here (take out the garbage at least, seriously, it’s a
dump over here ;)), neither have I done my laundry, heck, I haven’t
even banked in my paycheck for last month!

Shit, I can’t even go and see my doctor today, coz I’m
exhausted…and it’s very likely (90 percentile range) that I’ll get
involved in an accident. Fatigue kills, ya know. Speed kills too, so
there you go.

Well, my apologies for not updating much these days…I was busy
with work and with the forum. I’ll be going to Sibu tomorrow and I fear
I would not be able to wake up and I’ll miss the flight!

I’m being totally serious here.

I could very well sleep until the evening, it’s possible…

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