Lite-Up cigarettes – RM 1.50 only!

lite up cigarettes

I’m pleased to present to you the cheapest pack of cigarettes I’ve
seen to date – it’s called Lite-Up and comes in a red box and retails
for the amazingly low price of RM 1.50 per pack!

lite up sibu

Lite-Up cigarettes is made in Sibu, which also happens to be my
hometown. It’s a limited distribution locally produced tobacco product.

lite up open

The pack of Lite-Up opens up to show the standard King Size filter
20’s cigarettes. It has a stylized L on the tip of the cigarette and a
stylized “LITE-UP” font in red on top.

lite up single

I can’t say much about the taste of the cigarettes…it’s not all
that good, which is pretty much obvious when you take into account the
incredibly low RM 1.50 retail price.

lite up spin

You can’t argue with the price though…and the tobacco is nice and dry. I just use the tobacco to spin. πŸ˜‰

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