TiuNiaMa.com and TiuNiaMaChowHai.com is live!

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sixthseal.com is proud to present two new sister sites – TiuNiaMa.com [tiuniama.com] and the twin, TiuNiaMaChowHai.com [tiuniamachowhai.com].

tiuniamach banner

The two complementary sites will serve as a general purpose insult
automation system. It would be like sending things in an offhanded
manner to /dev/null on a Linux box. šŸ˜‰

I’m busy enough with work to have to answer trolls so from this day
forth, I declare that trolls of a minor annoyance would be directed to

The more irritating trolls shall be brusquely dismissed to
tiuniamachowhai.com which would leave me with much more time to spend
on the blog.

The two-tiered significance of the domains would be apparent to people who can converse in Cantonese. šŸ˜‰

Tiu Nia Ma means “fuck your mother” and that’s exactly what the tiuniama.com domain is meant for.

Tiu Nia Ma Chow Hai builds upon the phrase and literally means “fuck your mother’s smelly cunt”, which is a mouthful (no pun intended) and a little too long to type tiuniamachowhai.com too.

Okay, so I was bored and started to see what domains were available.
I know, I know, I’m crude and I have too much time on my hands (comes
with not sleeping). It also gives me a sense of satisfaction when I
finish one of these out of the blue concept projects. šŸ™‚

Thus, I would like to announce the two new additions to the sixthseal.com family – tiuniama.com and tiuniamachowhai.com! It comes in handy as a single URL insult. Nifty. šŸ˜‰

This post is dedicated to minishorts [minishorts.net], the domain names were inspired by her tirade about the Malaysian blog microcosm
[minishorts.net]. I checked and saw that both were available, so I just
bought them on a whim. Naturally, this dedication isn’t meant to
offend, since I like her and all…

…but on the other hand, I can’t very well bestow the dubious honor
on some poor old 41 year old auntie going through her menopause can I?

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