Twisties Fizz (Limited Edition)

twisties fizz display

Twisties just came out with a limited edition (oh, these magical
words ;)) flavor to add to the existing Twisties line of snacks.
There’s a huge rack promoting the new Twisties Fizz in supermarkets.

twisties fizz display close

I don’t really like eating Twisties, but what got my attention was the Fizz
bit…it seems that this snack is effervescent! I couldn’t help it –
the unusual nature of the snack coupled with the “Limited Edition” tag
compelled me to purchase one.

twisties fizz pack

This is what Twisties Fizz looks like – it has a blue motif and
bubbles all around. There’s even a red mouth and tongue with
effervescent (excuse me, it’s the word of the day ;)) fizzy bubbles all
around it. To top it off, there’s a speech bubble going “aaaah…”,
with four (4) a’s.

twisties fizz howto

It must be good, I thought. It even has a how to guide at the back
to explain to the less intellectual ones amongst us the methodology
involved in enjoying this effervescent (sorry, I can’t help myself)

twisties fizz fizzzz

The actual implementation was rather disappointing though…I had to
finish the whole pack coz no one else would eat it – descriptions
ranged from “strange” to “Twisties are not supposed to taste like
that”. Twisties Fizz is actually orange flavored, with fizzing bits (look at the crystals).

It’s definitely an acquired taste and I can see why it’s Limited
Edition – I don’t think it would sell. It’s more of a novelty snack.

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