Coconut chendol special

coconut chendol special

I saw this decadently designed dessert and the picture just called
out to me…it felt like the photo was compelling me, saying “Order
me…I am a big bowl of coconut and chendol goodness and you’ll love

coconut chendol special coconut

…and love it I did. πŸ˜‰ The whole concoction is made of a plethora
of ingredients – chendol, yam pieces, sweet potato, sweet bean, sweet
corn, and others, all stuffed into a real coconut with coconut juice
and flesh and topped with evaporated milk. It was over the top.

coconut chendol special close

Here’s a closer look at the ingredients contained inside the Coconut
chendol special. It’s well worth the RM 3.50. There are a lot of
unorthodox ingredients that belong better in a bubur cha cha mix e.g.
the sweet potato and yam, but the coconut implementation is rather
unorthodox too. It’s nice to drink the slightly tart juice of the
coconut mixed with the classic chendol milky sweet taste while
harvesting flesh from the coconut to eat.

coconut chendol special inside

Coconut chendol special tastes like chendol crossed with bubur cha
cha and given a twist with real coconut juice and flesh. It’s amazing
that no one has thought of this before. It gets two thumbs up from me.

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