Fried pah wee

shi shan shui cafe

There are a lot of memories embedded with eating fried pah wee at
Shi Shan Shui Cafe located opposite the library. I used to come here a
lot with a couple of my friends for dinner while studying at the public
library…but sparing you the trip down memory lane, let’s get straight
to the food.

pah wee pawe

This is pah wee or pawe which literally means white pasta. It’s a
uniform sized flour based product that bears a close resemblance to its
cousin, kueh tiaw. Pah wee is usually soaked in water until an order
comes in to soften it up. The same proprietor has been manning this
stall since the days of my library “study” excursions, but again, the
nostalgic monologue will be saved for another day.

fried pah wee

Pah wee is usually fried with soy sauce and other sauces and its
served like spaghetti – al dante. It’s fried, but the springiness is
retained while having a soft center in these pasta like flat rotund

fried pah wee eat

Here’s the fried pah wee dish that I remember having all those years
ago…it still tastes the same. πŸ™‚ The pah wee is chewy and topped with
fresh spring onions and the salty dish is best eaten with a side of
chilli sauce. It’s great and it’s a dish that’s hard to find outside

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