PPS Bash 2005 @ Charlie’s Place photos and write-up

pps charlies place

The PPS 2nd anniversary gathering, dubbed the PPS
Bash was held at Charlie’s Place. I just got back from the event and
this is the write-up of the largest blogger meet in Malaysia. The PPS Bash
[petalingstreet.org] was scheduled at 7:30 pm and I arrived at about
7:35 pm and immediately saw a couple of familiar bloggers – Lainie [tabulas.com] and Fip [pitas.com]. 🙂

pps aizuddin booth

This is the sign-up booth, which was manned by Aizuddin
[aizuddindanian.com], the organizer of the event. There is the official
PPS Ping! 2nd Anniversary T-shirt that everyone signed and also orange
stick-on tags to identify the masses of bloggers that attended the
event. It was packed, this is without question the largest gathering of
Malaysian bloggers to date.

pps ping sign

Here’s a closer look at the Ping! 2nd Anniversary T-shirt with all the signatures of the attendees. I got myself a PPS Ping! T-shirt too – it’s a great memento of the event.

pps charlies bar

This is Charlie’s Place Restaurant & Garden, the venue for the
PPS gathering. It has nice interior decor, and there’s a full licensed
bar as well as various seating arrangements, both indoors and outdoors.

pps indoors charlies

Here’s a look at the interior seating arrangements…

pps steak

…and this is the Charlie’s Place Chef Special Grilled Steak
that I preordered. I had the blue cheese sauce and the tenderloin steak
(RM 41) came out nicely done, despite the deluge of orders. I liked the
steak but I can’t say much about the vegetables coz I don’t really like
vegetables. Nessa ate my grilled tomato, so you should probably ask her
what it tastes like. 😉 The tenderloin steak was great though.

pps nessa lains fip me

Now, here’s the most important bit about the meet up – the bloggers!
These are the pictures from my digicam, in order. Here’s a shot of me
with (L-R) Vanessa, Lainie, Fip, and me.

pps nessa lains fip me alt

This is another variant of the shot – you just gotta love these people. 😉

pps nessa me

This is Nessa [tabulas.com] and me.

pps lains me

Here’s Lains and me.

pps fip me

This is Fip and…er, me. I’m using the first person adjective too much, my apologies. :p

pps lucia me

This is Lucia [blogspot.com], who came all the way from Penang.

pps joyce

Here’s a shot of Joyce (see, I remember ;))…

pps adam

…and Adam, who’s the host of an 8TV program.

pps aizuddin

This is the man of the day – Aizuddin, the host.

pps st

I present to you, the very tall Shaolin Tiger [shaolintiger.com].

pps chooki

This is Chooki
[minishorts.net], and true to her word, she’s wearing nothing. There
was a bit of a frenzy to take shots of her boobs, sorry, I mean
T-shirt. 😉

pps the star

The Star (the newspaper) also came to cover the event – here’s a
shot of me with the two journalists. I’ve always wanted to be one…but
alas. :p

pps suanie

This is Suanie [suanie.net]!

pps jolene

Here’s a shot of me with Jolene [blogdrive.com].

pps prema

I finally managed to meet with Prema [livejournal.com]…

pps kim

…and Kimberly [blogspot.com], the blogger with the sexiest legs. :p Her Aloe entry cracked me up too, surf over to read it. It’s a classic!

pps peter

Here’s Peter Tan [petertan.com], whom I finally managed to meet up with.

pps david

This is David Teoh [davidteoh.com], another blogger whom I’ve wanted to meet, but missed him when he came to Kuching.

pps bloggers 1

Here’s the photos I took with the other bloggers who attended the
event…forgive me, my benzo impaired memory makes short term to long
term memory storage difficult, so please give me your URL so I can link
the person to the blog.

pps bloggers 2

I really should have brought my Pocket PC to note down the blogs but it was still charging when I left…

pps bloggers 3

Please comment with your URL and email address if you want the full
sized photos, would love to share with all the bloggers who brought
along their digicams to cover the event! 🙂

pps bloggers 4

This is James
[blogspot.com] of loopymeals fame and his wife Mae. It’s a pleasure to
meet with all of you, but it’s really difficult to remember the blogs
of 80+ people. Seriously, it would take a very sober person with a
large memory capacity to perform that feat…and that person is not me.

pps bloggers 5

Here’s more photos of the bloggers who attended the PPS Bash – the
one on the right is Callista, whom I’ve read when I was in Melbourne.
Old skool.

pps bloggers 6

There are actually 100+ photos of various bloggers that I took just now.

pps andre

This is Andre Phua, who was kind enough to introduce various bloggers to me.

pps awards mc

The PPS 2nd Anniversary was also the time when the awards for the three categories were presented. This is Mack [brandmalaysia.com] of brandmalaysia.com – the MC of the day. Great speech, and he has a nice sense of humor too.

The winner for Neophyte Blog of the Year did not want to have his picture published, so I’m respecting his wishes.

pps awards jeff

The next award is for the Ping of the Year – it went to the renowned Jeff Ooi [jeffooi.com]. Congrats!

pps awards kenny

The Blog of the Year was snagged by Kenny Sia
[kennysia.com], who did not show up with coconuts. :p This is the man I
voted for, coz his funny entries lights up my day. He’s from Kuching
too. The Neophyte Blog of the Year was a close one, with 4 votes
separating the finalists. I voted for Jaded, if you really want to
know. She wasn’t there though.

pps cake

Finally, the PPS birthday cake was brought out – it says “Happy 2nd Anniversary PPS!” and appropriately has two candles on it.

pps cake aiz

Here’s a shot of Aizuddin with the cake. Cheers for organizing the event!

pps group shot

We gathered for a photo shoot after that – this is (L-R) Kenny Sia, TV Smith, Jeff Ooi, me and Elaine.

pps kenny nuts

This is me checking out Kenny’s coconuts. 😉

pps elaine

Here’s a shot of me with Elaine.

pps tv smith

This is the legendary TV Smith [mycen.com.my], King of Satire!

pps tv smith friend

…and here’s one of his friend. Sorry, I didn’t get your name!

pps lains fip

This is Lainie (complete with her trademark pose) and Fip…

pps nessa me tag

…and here’s one of Nessa and me.

pps fip car

I managed to get back to Cititel by getting a ride home from Fip. I
went back with Fip, Lainie and Nessa. It’s a great privilege to meet
all of the bloggers in Malaysia and I’ll be looking forward to the
second PPS event.

It’s been a great night, and it’s been a pleasure to meet all of
you. Please leave your URL in the comments if you’re covering this
event on your blog, would love to hear from you! 🙂

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