MAS airlines and their fondness for retiming

retimed kill you mas

I booked a ticket to come back to Sibu for the weekend (arriving
Saturday night, leaving early tomorrow morning – Monday) just to attend
to two birthday celebrations. The flight I was due to be on was 2:50 pm
from Kuching to Sibu…and close to the departure time, the dreaded
R-word came over the PA – it has been retimed.

retimed restoran

The ground crew distributed refreshment vouchers (which entitles you
to a meal and a drink) at the airport restaurant (canteen would be a
better description). It seems that the airport restaurant has new
management and most of the major reconstruction at Kuching airport has
forced it into a little nook by the side of the second floor.

retimed fried rice

I wanted a sandwich but the sandwiches were all sold out so I
settled for some fried rice and a 100 Plus drink (it’s an isotonic
rehydration drink that’s very popular amongst drug users in Malaysia).
The flight has been retimed to 4 pm and then to 4:40 pm and I feared
that this would be a repeat of my previous business trip to KL (where
it was retimed for more than 8 hours).

retimed cool me down

The announcement came that our flight has been retimed AGAIN to 5:30
pm and then again to 5:35 pm. It’s a good thing that the drinks come
with those “Cool You Down” messages coz I was really
not amused by this tardiness that MAS seems to exhibit lately,
especially as I have a birthday dinner to go to that night.

retimed basketball machine

I had to stare at an abandoned and broken down basketball
entertainment machine that’s been left aside by the construction work
and took a healthy dose of codeine to wait it out. The flight finally
departed at 5:40 pm yesterday evening. I just arrived yesterday and was
barely in time to attend the birthday dinner and I have to depart again
tomorrow at 7:25 am.

Jesus Christ…this “retiming” shit has gotta go.

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  5. The re-timings are to facilitate the travel arrangements of important politicians and civil servants. They learned that it’s better not to allow the passengers on board and then step in last (I had the pleasure of booing one politician together with the rest of the passengers in the past)

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