Arnott’s Dangerous Liaisons Tim Tams

arnott dangerous liaisons tim tams

Arnott’s Dangerous Liaisons line of Tim Tams comes in a trio of unique flavors, namely Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Chilli Choc Fling, Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Black Forest Fantasy, and Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Creamy Truffle Temptation.
I went back to Sibu last weekend (didn’t tell anyone
though…considering the circumstances) and saw two of them brought
back by my sister from NZ. I think someone ate the Chilli Choc one so
I’m left with two.

arnott dangerous liaisons creamy truffle temptation

Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Creamy Truffle Temptation
is a streak of gooey white chocolate encircled by dark chocolate cream,
squeezed inside two rich chocolate biscuits and finished in temptingly
smooth milk chocolate… one bite and you’ll melt with pleasure. This
is one of the tamer flavor pairings…but it’s still good. It’s more
classic Tim Tam, best for the Tim Tam Slam.

arnott dangerous liaisons black forest fantasy

Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Black Forest Fantasy is
a stream of cherry flavor snuggled inside black forest cream,
sandwiched between rich chocolate biscuits and covered in a layer of
tantalizing chocolate you’re sure to fantasies about. It tastes great,
especially frozen – the cherry is slightly overpowering, but that is

CnP at its best, yo! πŸ˜‰

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