Kampung Hilir Ferry Kebab

ferry kebab kampung hilir

Kampung Hilir is a Malay settlement
accessible from a small turning in town which leads into the scenic
drive in predominantly Chinese Sibu that showcases the best cottage
industries the kampung has to offer. There is a very popular kebab stall that’s been around for as long as your grandma’s grandma – it’s called Ferry Kebab and it’s manned by a husband and wife team.

ferry kebab setup

There used to be two kebab stalls opposite each other but the first
establishment (and the best) seems to have usurped the other one as
only Ferry Kebab is left standing. It’s basically a
stall selling kebabs (Malay style). The kebab stalls over here is very
distinctive – there is what seems to be a huge chunk of meat skewered
into a manually rotational implement, with good ol’ fire (as in flames)
baking the meat to perfection.

ferry kebab meat

This is a closer look at the kebab setup – the chunk of meat is
easily as large as the torso of fully grown man…which in hindsight is
a bad size comparison. ;) Notice the flames heating the mass of meat
from behind – it’s best to go in the evenings as that’s when the
operation starts. The hunk of meat is sliced with a long sharp knife
and a wooden spatula like implement into slivers and the skewer is
turned around as the slicing is done to ensure a consistent cut.

ferry kebab prep

The meat from the chunk of kebab is then mixed into a preparation of
raw onions, cucumber, and various other diced vegetables. Requests for
additional ingredients are catered to without extra charge and I always
go for more raw onions – it makes the kebab taste better.

ferry kebab mix

This is a closer look at the modular kebab setup – there is a
preparation area right beneath the skewer of meat, and the sliced
slivers of meat is mixed into the condiments to make the contents of
the kebab.

ferry kebab toppings

The kebabs over here are not, by definition, skewers of meat on a
stick/metal spear. It’s the by product of the above, stuffed into a hot
dog bun, much like a Sloppy Joe. The kebab bun is then topped with
finely shredded lettuce and more onions…

ferry kebab sauce

…before a slathering of mayonnaise and chilli sauce is applied. It’s not for the faint hearted or people who’re on a diet.

ferry kebab kebab

The kebab from Ferry Kebab retails for a mere RM 2 each, which makes it a popular evening snack over here. It’s best enjoyed outdoors. :)

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