The fight that spilled from the streets into a 7-11 store

711 fight 1

There was an incident involving a huge group of people which most
people would have seen (another one of my co-workers was there too and
no one knew what was going on) if you’re around the 7-11 outlet near
Hilton in Kuching at around 2 – 3 AM last night (technically, this
morning). It ended after several police patrol cars dispatched MP5
assault rifle armed officers to diffuse the public affray.

Nepasavaler offers this explanation:

anyway we was out tonight, having ourselves a ball at a certain club
in kuching when last calls came and we was left with nowhere to go. so
it was decided that we would find something to eat, or something like
that. trailing my 2 other friends’s vehicles, i was led to the road
leading down to hilton. then everyone stopped and went to the side of
the road.

711 fight 2

on the opp. side of the road was parked this wira in an unsightly
manner (kuching 45 degrees style) and there was a huge crowd of malays
mostly crowding the streets. from inside of the car me and my friend
could hear shouting and the people was like having a mini riot or
something on the streets. much like mardi gras without the drag. taking
cue from the occupants of the vehicles in front, we went down to
witness this strange and amazing event. not everyday do you get riots
on the tranquil streets of kuching.

Download: 7-11 incident video Part 1 []

on getting down, i noticed a gold kancil parked in the middle of the
road causing obstruction and basically shutting off our escape routes.
having no options but to watch the chaos unfolding, we went to the safe
haven of the sidewalk and joined a couple of curious bystanders. on the
streets, people was running about shouting and a couple of them seems
to be the catalyst for the whole even, chasing each other back and
forth and trading shoves (in kuching i’ve never seen them punch, only
shove). one guy who was obviously inebriated and deeply angry was
lashing out at the kancil, kicking the side panels with much gusto. my
car being parked just 2 metres away, i felt a slight tinge of worry.

711 fight 3

the shouting and chaos continued, until a police car turned into the
road. the kancil made a quick exit (miraculous, nothing short of). and
then the S&C continued. the police car had it’s lights on and
everything going wooaaaahhhhwooaaaahhh and when it passed the spot in
front of hilton carpark, one of the main offenders (mr. kick kancil)
unleashed his fury on the patrol vehicle. i didn’t think he scathed the
vehivle though, must have been adidas trainers those.

Download: 7-11 incident video Part 2 []

the first patrol car made a quick exit and he must have called
backup for within a few minutes came like 3 patrol cars. a couple of
CIDs and cops with mp5s emerged and it was still chaos with nobody
knowing what was going on. a guy with a torn tee ran towards the cops,
and general cussing could be heard. the crowd converged around the
patrol cars and no, nothing like what happened in france. it was just
general loud debates and then a couple of them went into 7-11 shouting
and all that (in video).

Download: 7-11 incident video Part 3 []

the scene continued for a while, and then the fun was gone. everyone
dispersed and an indian came over laughing saying no more fun when we
was ‘interviewing’ the 7-11 staff. and that was that.

Thanks to Nepasavaler for the detailed narrative! Cheers! :)

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