Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02

kitkat limited edition cheesecake shelf

Nestle KitKat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 is the latest promotion of the Kit Kat line of chocolate wafers. I have no idea where Limited Edition 01 is – I only saw Limited Edition 02 in the Kuching airport before I took a flight to KL. Perhaps the numbering is just arbitrary. *shrugs*

kitkat limited edition cheesecake size

The Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 comes in two sizes – the standard 2 x 2 finger format we’re all familiar with (RM 4.50) and a larger 4 x 2 finger format that I’ve never seen Kit Kat being packaged in, which was what caught my eye in the first place.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake design

The packaging looks great – the Kit Kat cardboard box is light yellow and has a lemon slice imprinted on one side of the box and random see-through holes to allow the individually wrapped yellow wafer fingers inside to be visible through the plastic window. There is also a perforation on the right which opens up like a flip-tip cigarette box.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake box

This Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition is only available in Malaysia. It marks the first time Malaysia has its own individually wrapped and boxed Kit Kat Limited Edition runs, which are very popular in Japan. Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 is officially dubbed “Wafer fingers in Lemon Cheesecake Flavored Confectionary“.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake bars

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 comes in individually wrapped 2 x 2 wafer packs with words on one side tapering into a pure yellow color scheme. The design looks good and it marks a nice debut for Malaysian Limited Edition Kit Kat confectionary.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake open

Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour opens up to reveal a whitish yellow Kit Kat wafer in the dual wafer format. The consistent color scheme is great!

kitkat limited edition cheesecake bite

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor tastes like cheesecake on the inside with the lemon flavor coming from the coating. It really tastes like cheesecake! I was amazed at the taste and texture, which resembles a cheesecake (a good one to boot) so closely. The wonders of modern artificial food flavoring! 😉

kitkat limited edition cheesecake end

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 tastes great! Get it while you can…it is limited edition after all.

P/S – I wrote this before I found the Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition 01 in KL. The review of the other limited edition Kit Kat in the series is coming up in the next post.


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