flipflap tomy

TOMY has a range of Flip Flap
novelty items on display when I was in Sibu. There are arrangements of
Flip Flap toys of all shapes and colors powered by a high intensity
light above the display. There are designs that serenely shake their
heads, some that nods their head slowly and pots with leaves that

flipflap sunset orange

This is TOMY Flip Flap Sunset Orange which retails
for RM 39.90 and comes designated with the internal number of No.07.
Sunset Orange is a design with a bright red round pot topped with brown
colored “peat” and bright green twin leaves. It’s the nicest one out of
the bunch. I got it for my gf.

flipflap text

The text at the bottom of the (sealed) transparent box goes “Flip
Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light. Please grow your Flip
Flap in your mind and bloom your own special flower”. TOMY is a
Japanese manufacturer so excuse the Engrish.

flipflap switch

There is an ON/OFF red switch at the bottom of the device (which is
not meant to be opened). It is all in Japanese, but you don’t need to
be a linguistics expert to understand a simple binary toggle. ;)


Download: Flip Flap by TOMY video [sixthseal.com]

Flip Flap is advertised as a “Solar Battery”,
“Batteryless” and “No Water” plant. It runs on solar power and the
intensity of the flapping is dependant on the brightness and heat
detected by the solar panel on top of the plant.

I positioned the camera flash directly on top of the solar panel in the TOMY Flip Flap plant and it flapped like there was no tomorrow. ;)

The video shows it under normal florescent conditions (was at a KFC outlet at that time).

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10 Responses to “TOMY Flip Flap Sunset Orange”

  1. I need to find a Flip Flap Sunset Orange. I have been looking around MPH and also checked the stores nationwide, but still can’t find it.. please help.. thanks

  2. where you buy this one? i need to get this one as soon as possible.. can reply me.. please

  3. i also want to buy tomy flip flap for my mother..can u help me?

  4. Mahal meh.kedai rm2..baru rm5 jek

  5. Erm…I don’t actually sell these things, I got it coz I thought it looked nice. :)

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  10. hye.. hopefully u can buy for me that mickey mouse… plss…plsssss……

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