mcdonalds fifa spicy

McDonald’s is having a promotion in line with the upcoming World Cup football season – it’s called the McDonald’s Spicy FIFA World Cup Soccer Star promotion and they have four meal sets with a spicy theme to commemorate the event.

mcdonalds fifa spicy promotion

McDonald’s Spicy FIFA World Cup promotion comes with the tagline “The heat is on! Support your star!
with four menu items designated Soccer Star A (Spicy Chicken Supreme),
Soccer Star B (Spicy Chicken McNuggets), Soccer Star C (Spicy Ayam
Goreng McD) and Soccer Star D (Spicy Chicken McDeluxe).

mcdonalds fifa spicy stand

The McDonald’s Spicy FIFA World Cup Soccer Star promotion also includes the option of purchasing GOLEO VI
(Soccer Star E) for RM 9.90 each. There are four options – Striker Red,
Defender Yellow, Referee Black and Winger White. GOLEO VI is the 2006 FIFA World Cup Official Mascot.

mcdonalds fifa spicy meal

McDonald’s Spicy FIFA World Cup Soccer Star promotion.

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken supreme

Soccer Star A
Spicy Chicken Supreme
Time Out! It’s a tender chicken patty with fiery spices, juicy
tomatoes, crisp lettuce and creamy special sauce in a wheat bran bun.

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken mcnuggets

Soccer Star B
Spicy Chicken McNuggets
Get a kick out of delicious boneless chicken meat! It’s the favorite Chicken McNuggets with a spicy twist!

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken

Soccer Star C
Spicy Ayam Goreng McD
Tackle the sizzling local flavor of fresh premium quality chicken!

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken mcdeluxe

Soccer Star D
Spicy Chicken McDeluxe
You’ve met your match! Breaded whole muscle chicken thigh in a special
spice marinade, topped with crisp lettuce and creamy special sauce in a
cornmeal bun!

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken supreme burger

There are two new items in this promotion – the Spicy Chicken
Supreme and Spicy Chicken McNuggets. The Spicy Chicken Supreme comes in
a long card box and is a sub style sandwich with a long chicken patty
with spiced batter inside a wheat bran bun.

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken supreme bite

Spicy Chicken Supreme tastes good – the spiced
chicken patty goes well with the wheat bran bun. It would make a nice
addition to the permanent menu of McDonald’s as this sandwich is large
and filling.

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken mcnuggets nugs

However, the Spicy Chicken McNuggets is the real gem in this
promotion. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets has been given the spicy
treatment and the result is fabulous! The Spicy Chicken McNuggets are
coated with a special chilli infused batter that truly elevates it from
a variant menu item to a valid new addition.

mcdonalds fifa spicy chicken mcnuggets bite

Spicy Chicken McNuggets are surprisingly hot. The
batter is really spicy, even by my standards. It’s a must try for
people who haven’t tasted this yet…I was surprised a mass market
appeal franchise like McDonald’s would make such spicy items. It gets
two thumbs up from me!

mcdonalds fifa goleo

McDonald’s Spicy FIFA World Cup Soccer Star promotion also features GOLEO VI as a primary attraction – I got Striker Red and Defender Yellow for RM 9.90 each.

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