The Platinum Fashion Mall

platinum fashion mall

This is a public service announcement – The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok is evil. It’s a wholesale emporium of attire, a shopper’s paradise and it will drain all your baht away. I think I spent 3,000 baht just on clothes just now.

platinum mall inside

The Platinum Fashion Mall has a lot of floors dedicated to all sorts of attire you can think of – I spent a lot of baht in one shop alone.


It’s called Marijuana. How can you not buy stuff from this place? I got a lot of t-shirts for myself and also – Cherie, Irene, Joanne, David, Jimmy and Robyn, I got you all stuff from this place, you’ll love it!

platinum mall me

I ended up looking like this…and I’m not even much of a shopper! I just couldn’t resist the counter-culture, drug and sex reference t-shirts. The place is really cheap too, if you bargain, you can get probably 5 t-shirts for 500 baht (RM 50).

platinum food center

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a baht drainer coz it has its own food court as well so you can spend the entire day there if you’re so inclined (and you probably would if you visit every shop in this huge mall).

platinum food center coupon

The food court at The Platinum Fashion Mall uses a coupon system for purchasing food. There were three of us, and we each got 100 baht credit coupon cards and shared the food.

somtam pounding

I ordered Somtam (the famous Thai mango salad) with blue crabs and chicken feet (55 baht) and the mango salad was pounded into a dish that looked like this:

somtam thai mango salad

It tastes REALLY GOOD. I can’t describe how good it tastes, it was just so good that I nearly came while eating it. My dining companion (MDC from this post onwards to protect her privacy) and Jia Chui (a pharmacist from KL that I met at the hotel) both agreed somtam is THE SHIT.

somtam macro

Please do try Somtam if you’re ever in Thailand, it’s orgasmic!

me jia chui mdr

Other highlights is this dish with really hot sauce (don’t know what it’s called) that was really good as well.

thai bread make

There’s also a local home made grilled bread that we ordered.

thai bread pork

This is the chilli paste and pork floss version (15 baht). It’s great!

thai bread tea

This is the Thailand tea custard version (12 baht) which MDC ordered. It tastes like tea custard.

the platinum fashion mall

Just be careful when you walk down the many aisles of The Platinum Fashion Mall…it’s temptation personified in a large concrete building. You’re going to spend a lot of baht here coz everything seems cheap.


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