Tuk-tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

tuk tuk

The tuk-tuk experience is a must have for first time Thailand visitors. Tuk Tuks are practically an icon of Bangkok – small motorized rickshaws that can seat up to three people at the back and it’s really fun to ride during breezy Bangkok nights.

tuk tuk seat

The tuk-tuk consists of a driver (who usually drives in a manner that would make most professional F1 drivers green with envy with their daredevil weaving through traffic and general disregard for safety) who takes you on a comfortable seat at the back, which is partially sealed. I went with MDC (My Dining Companion) and Jia Chui (read previous post) for the tuk-tuk experience.

tuk tuk me driver

It is advisable to negotiate the fare before going coz we got charged 300 baht (RM 30) for a trip from Siam City Hotel to Siam Square (for a comparison, a metered taxi would cost 45 baht – RM 4.50) but it was worth it coz of the photo op and the experience. I bargained for 150 baht for the return trip. This shows me with the driver and Jia Chui at the back. MDC took the photo.

tuk tuk video

Download: Tuk tuk video [sixthseal.com]
Get a virtual tuk-tuk ride! The video shows the tuk tuk going through Bangkok streets and also Jia Chui (but not MDC who must not be named, or seen for that matter).

Tuk tuk drivers will also not-so-subtly encourage you to patronize certain outlets, e.g. we got asked many times if we wanted to go to a particular seafood restaurant by the return tuk-tuk but the first tuk tuk didn’t do that so YMMV.


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