Street food in Bangkok

street food stall

I woke up this morning and walked around during peak office hours to
get some food. I wanted to check out the street food by the roadside
(it’s kinda like a moving hawker stall) so I ended up going to this
noodle place that a lot of Thai people were at so I assume it must be

street food noodle girl

The friendly girl manning the noodle stall didn’t speak much English
but I managed to point at a dish that most of the people there are
eating. It’s a noodle dish soup with a choice of original, round or
green noodles and I chose the original one.

street food water

The tables are arranged around the hawker stall and plastic stools
are available for patrons to sit on. I was a bit puzzled when a little
boy handed me a tin cup filled with ice until he motioned to the water
containers on the table (complimentary). Iced water! Sweet.

street food noodle

This is what the noodle dish (40 baht – around RM 4) looks like – it
had more ingredients than noodles. There are pork slices, pork balls,
pork dumplings (they sure love their pork over here) and another kind
of smaller pork dumplings at the bottom covered by wiggly noodles and
vegetables in soup. It tastes surprisingly good, it’s different from
the noodle offerings back home.

street food juice

I went to get some drinks after that and noticed a street hawker
doing brisk business selling fresh, chilled local mandarin orange juice
(20 baht – around RM 2). I saw a lot of people patronizing the stall so
I deduced it must be good if local Thai office people were ordering it.
The man at the stall is real friendly too and showed me how it’s done.

The local mandarin juice is really good – cold and refreshing after
the hot soup meal. Check out the street food when you’re in Bangkok,
it’s interesting.

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