Nite Devil and Spooky Halloween Limited Editions

nite halloween

I was at Ta Kiong (the local import specialist shop) today buying avocado (tell you about it tomorrow) when I stumbled upon nite []. I remember Cherie getting it in KL and now it seems like there are two new limited edition Halloween bottles. The two Limited Edition Halloween bottles complement each other – hot and cool.

Nite Spooky Cool

nite spooky

Experience the deadly chills of citrus flavored blend with a shadow of lemon juice.

Nite Devil Hot

nite devil

Unleash the beast with a fiery mix of playful exotic fruit flavors.

nite spooky devil

Nite Devil and Spooky tastes a lot like the Pepsi Fire and Ice [] concoction. Nite Devil “feels” warm to the mouth but has an intense fruity flavor. Nite Spooky on the other hand is very cold and refreshing. It is interesting to note that Nite Devil has “Warm agent” and Nite Spooky has “Cooling agent” listed as its ingredients.

It tastes great and I like seasonal promotions so I got a couple of them to keep.


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