Starbucks Coffee merchandise

starbucks genting

Starbucks Coffee has been my main hangout with Rene in Genting Highlands. It has free Wi-Fi so I can update my blog from here.

starbucks city mug display

Starbucks Coffee makes City Mugs (RM 35), a huge ceramic collectable 20 oz mug from 20 different cities in the world.

starbucks city mug

This is the Kuala Lumpur one. I got one as a souvenir and another as a birthday present for Cherie.

starbucks after coffee gum

I noticed that Starbucks makes After Coffee Chewing Gum (RM 9.50) as well. The Starbucks chewing gum comes in peppermint flavor and has the Starbucks logo on it.

starbucks after coffee gum peppermint

Rene got one of those and it tastes great. It’s a great marketing strategy for “coffee breath”.

starbucks trick or treat

This is Trick or Treat (RM 17.50) which is a Halloween menu special.

starbucks trick or treat contents

Rene fed me while I was updating the blog so I can eat and update at the same time.

Thanks Rene!


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