Project MISER RM 250

project miser

Project MISER (Minimum Income Self Encouraged
Rations) RM 250 is a project I’ve self initiated to see if I can
survive on just RM 250 alone in the month of September, 2006. The RM
250 (about USD 66) has got to cover my expenses for:

Gasoline (Petrol)
Food and drinks
Cell phone calls
Nights out

And so forth, but NOT:

Other fixed miscellaneous bills like utilities.

The aim of this project is to determine whether I can survive on
just minimum wage for food and gas and nights out (probably would have
to ask some people to buy me lunch, that’s admissible) for this month.

…and also coz I’m fucking broke after moving and a large purchase.
I even had to borrow the RM 250 from Cherie to take a photo with my
cell phone! :(

Things that are admissible include people buying me food (which is
kinda essential to the whole idea), company reimbursements for things
like toll booths and so forth.

There is no existing food stock but there’s a carton of duty free cigarettes.

That being said; let the games begin. =D

Seed fund: RM 250

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