kfc sibu

I went to KFC last night with Faye and the mysterious child of unknown origin (TM). This is the only 24 hour KFC in Sibu.

kfc voucher

I had been given a RM 10 and RM 5 voucher courtesy of the social club of the company that I work in. It seems that KFC is giving out vouchers to company affiliated clubs to distribute out to their members – we get ours during birthdays.

kfc counter

I haven’t had the chance to use it since I got it early this month so I decided to eat there last night.

kfc food

We got an X-Meal (Zinger), 3 pieces of chicken, cheesy wedges and a couple of sodas. My notorious appetite seem to have left me coz it felt like it’s a little too much for supper for 2 adults and a 10 year old. :)

kfc group

I am still having the sniffles from plucking out my nasal hair a couple of days back…

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