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Amy kindly gave me a ride back home from work just now. My car just came back from the workshop and I have been absolutely CRIPPLED by the lack of transport. Kudos goes out to Faye for snagging the Endurance award – she has been picking me up in the morning and sending me back after work almost every day. :)

car back

This is a sight for sore eyes indeed. If I had known that it would take this long to fix the car, I probably wouldn’t have crashed it. ;)

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8 Responses to “The mobile returns!”

  1. 4114, its a random number or what?

  2. that is his selected plat

  3. Oh oh, typo. It should be opiate gating system. Opiod? WTF is that?
    Note to self- no expounding hi faluting scientific concepts whilst stoned!

  4. Hey HB, good to see you back man. Do you have any plans to get the old site DB online? I only found your blog around the time of the pineapple rice post and I really enjoyed reading through the years of entries.

  5. zeroize: nope, i wanted that number. :)
    Ting SC: yeah, it is. eying QSQ 78 now, probably take about RM 1000 for the plate plus a runner to do the JPJ and PUSPAKOM stuff.
    dr zhivagone: thanks mate, will keep that in mind. :)
    i find that being in a stoned state of mind actually improves certain concepts being grasped. ;)
    anon: hello there! thanks for reading.
    yeah, i am gonna put up the old archives soon. it’s going up before next Saturday, which is the anniversaty (19th april)

  6. slap a big sticker on the windscreen :)

  7. fred: hmm…you know, i’ve been thinking about doing exactly that. not on the windscreen though, but rather as a huge sticker at the back and sides. don’t know how it would look though…

  8. too big will make it look ugly. try photoshoping it on first.

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