watch your steeps

Watch your step. Steep incline ahead. A new signboard maker takes the innovative steep, er…I mean step, of combining two “Caution” messages into one. It is widely misinterpreted as bad English.

Watch your steeps.

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8 Responses to “Watch your steeps”

  1. Over Singapore got Singlish and Malaysia got Manglish. As long you understand ha..ha..

  2. don’t they know google translation b4 doing tat? ngong…

  3. more like..
    “watch out for man with giant poo”

  4. Dude,’The floor is clean/cleaning” even the Chinese sentence is not grammatically appropriate, sounds like my dad’s Foochow style Mandarin.

  5. I have to agree with fred ;)
    “Watch out for food poisoning…”
    Always keep PEPTO-BISMOL within reach. *nods*

  6. wahh their london powderful LOL

  7. Roland: very large amounts of creative liberty being exercised here. :)
    clement: haha! i think the sign makers are going for volume. :)
    fred: people have skidded on this wet floor before. caution.
    e: hmm…very interesting. i would have thought the chinese would be correct at least.
    liquidblackout: well, i have been told that i possess an cast iron stomach. ;)
    i have only been struck down with food poisoning in very rare occasions.
    Darren: very powderful.

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