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min kong cafe

Min Kong Cafe is well known in Sibu for its RM 20 prawn noodles. Their flagship dish actually reached an all time high of RM 25 per bowl before dropping to its current RM 20 rate. There are other places offering the same dish for RM 12 but for the original Min Kong prawn noodles, there is but one place to eat it.

min kong interior

Min Kong Cafe is air conditioned and also offers traditional fare as well as rice dishes but most people go there for their flagship RM 20 prawn noodles. There are actually three (3) RM 20 offerings – big prawn cooked noodles, big prawn fried noodles, and fish noodles.

tiger beer

I couldn’t try all three in one sitting so I had the famed big prawn cooked noodles first with Amy and some other people from work. I also took the liberty of ordering Tiger Beer (RM 8) since I saw someone eating big prawn cooked noodles on the office Intranet (a supplier) and drinking Tiger Beer and had felt the craving for the same ever since. I guess it’s alright since both times I went there were Saturday afternoons. πŸ™‚

big prawn noodles

The cooked big prawn noodles (RM 20) is known as “ta sia chau chu mien” and is the flagship dish of Min Kong Cafe. It’s very well known for its unapologetic pricing and generous portions of prawns. There are four big prawns in every bowl (it’s actually two, sliced horizontally) and the broth is very prawny.

big prawn noodles macro

Min Kong certainly doesn’t skimp on the good stuff and the portions of noodles are reasonable so it doesn’t fill you up too much. The prawns are also pre-shelled so there’s no hassle involved in shelling the prawns in a bowl of soup (which can be pretty unwieldy, and can cause no small amount of splash damage).

min kong amy

I like!

fish noodles

I also went there earlier this afternoon with Faye and she opted for the fish noodles (RM 20) since she’s not a very big fan of prawns (being allergic to most shellfish as it were). The fish noodles is topped with generous slices (slabs?) of prime fish meat on the top.

fish noodles macro

I just love the beautiful mosaic swirls on the fish meat. It’s wonderfully tender too, well worth the RM 20 price tag. This is a good option if you don’t like prawn, the fish noodles is also chock full of prime ingredients (with an appropriate prime price tag to boot).

big prawn noodles fried

I went for the fried big prawn noodles (RM 20) this afternoon. It’s the lesser known contender to the RM 20 cooked big prawn noodles throne but I certainly wasn’t disappointed by its performance. The same neatly shelled prawns are heaped on top of the fried noodles and I even found the feelers nicely shelled and ready to eat! The gravy is very prawny and concentrated, and the noodles fried just right. I would recommend this lesser known dish to real lovers of prawn instead.

min kon faye

Bon appetit!

Word of the day:

splash damage
Otherwise known as the mee soup incident, it is the inadvertent soiling of work clothes due to uncooperative ingredients mishandled during lunch hour.

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47 thoughts on “Min Kong Cafe RM 20 prawn noodles”

  1. yeah super nice but damn expensive, HB which would u go for? 4 bowls of golden arches prawn mee or this min kong mee?

  2. This fresh water big prawn cost around RM18 -RM30 per kg depend on size. With this main ingredient even a bowl of laksa can be RM20.

  3. i want to try it out for ages. he he, tomorrow seems like a good day to do so. i’m back in sibu.. muahaha

  4. Judging on the last picture in this post, I’ve found out the answer… if you know what I’m referring about πŸ˜‰

  5. Wow, RM20… they look delicious, but you’d think for RM20 you’d get like 12 massive prawns. I’m not complaining, I’m just bitter because I can almost smell the prawns through the screen.
    That glass of ice cold tiger, however, would be worth RM20 a glass!
    I think I’m craving a beer…

  6. Those prawn noodles look super yummy! Must get STP to bring me next time I’m in Sibu.
    By the way, can I just say that you look fantastic and in the pink of health?

  7. zeroize: hmm…i would go for the fried big prawn mee (last photo). that is really some good stuff. i don’t really care for the cooked noodles but the fried one is something else.
    besides, the golden arches prawn is nowhere near as big as these. πŸ™‚
    Roland: yeah, these are the huge ones with feelers (is that what you call them) in front.
    suituapui: economy merosot…even the usual kopitiam’s prawn mee is now RM 12. daniel cafe is charging RM 12 for their prawn noodles too.
    clement: good. can i recommend the fried big prawn noodles, it tastes much better coz there’s less soup (just gravy) so the prawny taste is more concentrated.
    iono: die lah got such observant people reading the blog. πŸ˜‰
    JW: hmm…i think i drank too much last night coz i’m still feeling a little hungover right now. the hot weather doesn’t exactly help too. but a cold one would go down nice right about now.
    Darren: haha! you have mastered the art of talking with double affirmatives. πŸ˜‰
    willchua: ooh…looks tasty. how far is sarikei from sibu by car? perhaps i’ll go next saturday afternoon.
    gerrie: thank you. πŸ™‚

  8. willchua: good, it will probably take me about 40 minutes then, if i don’t drive off the road in the meantime. i shall go there on sunday. are they open on sundays?
    Wuching: hey, your dad owns min kong? i didn’t know that. πŸ™‚


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