Glory Cafe’s Big Prawn Asam Tom Yam Noodles, Sarikei

glory cafe

I drove down to Sarikei to sample the famous RM 14 Asam Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodles at Glory Cafe on Sunday morning. I went with Faye and the journey from Sibu to Sarikei took about 45 minutes. It can take up to an hour (or more/less) depending on how fast you drive – the distance is approximately 105 km. Glory Cafe is located at the only Magnum 4D outlet in Sarikei – do note that there are other gaming operators there (Sports Toto) – it’s the Magnum 4D outlet you should be looking for. The QAG 4114 arrived at Glory Cafe at just a little before 12 pm and parked right in front of a fire hydrant no-parking zone. πŸ˜‰

asam tom yam noodles

It took about 20 minutes for our order to arrive. The Asam Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodles came in a large glass serving bowl and is filled to the brim with huge big prawns, noodles and the asam tom yam soup. Asam Tom Yam is a cross between asam laksa and tom yum soup. It is made of tamarind, lemon grass, lime leaves, fish sauce and chili peppers. It is a delicious contrast of sweet and sour flavors with a hint of spiciness thrown into the mix. You can opt to substitute the default noodles with other carbohydrate chains e.g. rice vermicelli, kueh tiaw, tang hoon etc.

big prawn macro

The big head prawns in the RM 14 Asam Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodles are huge and the chef was generous enough to include several of them in the dish. Each prawn is sliced vertically for easier consumption. Nevertheless, this is not a dish for dignified foodies – you almost certainly have to manually separate the shell from the crustacean with your fingers to get at the flesh.

asam tom yam mee

I went for the Asam Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodles (RM 14). The egg noodles is thick and has an almost tangible sweet undertone that goes very well with the asam tom yam. The noodles go well with the sour (from the tamarind) and sweet flavors from the soup. I noticed that the noodles also tend to absorb the flavors better. The noodles taste better than rice vermicelli due to the latter being unable to absorb the flavors of the asam tom yam soup. The portion is huge and it will definitely satiate all but the most voracious appetite.

asam tom yam mee hoon

Faye went for the Asam Tom Yam Big Prawn Rice Vermicelli (RM 14). Rice vermicelli is known locally as bee hoon. It’s the same dish except with rice vermicelli in place of the noodles. She thought it tasted alright until she sampled my noodles…after which she promptly took possession of my bowl. I am considering an appeal to the International Court of Justice for the disputed two-cubit Asam Tom Yam Noodle Island, I mean, bowl.

glory cafe us

It should be noted that the asam tom yam concoction is a notorious fabric stainer. You should probably reconsider wearing white or light colored articles of clothing during the consumption of this particular dish. The splash damage can be considerable despite elaborate measures to avoid such occurrences.

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21 thoughts on “Glory Cafe’s Big Prawn Asam Tom Yam Noodles, Sarikei”

  1. So the verdict, Sibu or Sarikei Prawn mee taste better? Luckily you didn’t get a ‘saman’ for the sake of a bowl of prawn mee from RM14 become RM84 or RM214 ;p

  2. I like big prawn noodle in Sarikei before, but not the TomYam version. Sure will look for it the next time I go. I am not a fan of big noodle, but it is true that noodle tend to make the soup more flavourful. Guess because it is wheat instead of rice.

  3. Ooo…that’s a sweet-looking dish beside you! Oops…I mean, in front of you!!! LOL!!! I guess since you had the tom-yam variation, you can’t compare with what you had at Ming Kong. You must try the tom-yam seafood spaghetti at Garden Hotel!!! Out of this world! Gosh! Now I’ve a craving for it…..Garden, here I come! LOL!!

  4. 2 year ago, i had been to bintulu.i eat a Mi Udang.It taste was so good,but i 4got where the places was.Huai Bin,next time u should go there eat Prawn Mee.I think Rm7.00 only.

  5. Roland: Hmm…I prefer the Sarikei prawn mee better coz it’s asam tom yam. The Sibu one would suit people with more conservative tastes though, but if you want the sour and sweet kick, the Sarikei one should taste better.
    There’s no police in Sarikei (at least I didn’t see any, but I’m sure there’s men in blue somewhere).
    fish fish: The one at Glory Cafe is really good. You should check it out next time you go to Sarikei. Also, I think noodles tastes “sweeter” than rice bee hoon, that’s why it goes better with flavorful soup. πŸ™‚
    I prefer wheat products too.
    About the saman, no I didn’t, coz I usually just park right in front of the place I’m going to, so should any men in blue stop near my car, I’ll just shift it.
    suituapui: Haha! Oh, and I went to Garden Hotel last night on your recommendation. The Seafood Platter is quite good – they have about the same stuff as MFM but not quite as good. The garlic rice is nice though, and the price is even better – RM 16 before taxes. πŸ™‚
    I’m going to check out the tom-yam seafood spaghetti next time. Shall do a proper review of the place. It’s nicer than I remembered it, with full glass panel walls. Very elegant.
    Simmy: Hmm…well, it’s two different things. If you like sour and sweet soups, you’ll prefer the Sarikei one, but it’s about an hour’s drive away so that might put some people off. Add the petrol costs, and it’s just about the same price for the dish. πŸ™‚
    Wuching: Yeah! You should get your dad to get Min Kong to do a version of this too. Then I won’t have to drive all the way down to eat it. πŸ™‚
    puffydoll: Bintulu, eh? I haven’t been there in years. I know a couple of friends there though, will ask around. How big are the prawns? Huge prawns or regular sized ones?

  6. Didn’t know u are in Sarikei town. I just got back from Kuching last Sunday.
    Glad that you like it. For those who like normal prawn mee, you should go to Jakar, which is around 15-20min drive from Sarikei town. Jakar’s prawn mee has been legendary like Bintagor’s rojak since ages. But I’m not sure which coffee shop you should go. Maybe I’ll head down there some day to for a feast. Ha ha..

  7. jessy: Indeed! I’m lovin’ it! =D
    willchua: Yeah, do a review and tell me which one is good so I can justify the drive down to Sarikei. BTW, have you been to Fire? We wanted to check the place out but it was kinda late and we needed to drive back early next morning so we just had drinks at the cafe on top of Chicken King.

  8. Hello, thanks so much for the lovely info. I’m e-mailing from England. Penang is my homwtown.Never been to Sabah or Sarawak but after seeing this mouthwatering prawn noodles (mee) I will defiantely stop to taste.

  9. Hello, thanks so much for the lovely info. I’m e-mailing from England. Penang is my homwtown.Never been to Sabah or Sarawak but after seeing this mouthwatering prawn noodles (mee) I will definately stop to taste.

  10. Hello, thanks so much for the lovely info. I’m e-mailing from England. Penang is my homwtown.Never been to Sabah or Sarawak but after seeing this mouthwatering prawn noodles (mee) I will definately stop to taste.

  11. Roseline Wright: I’m glad you liked the photos. I’m a big fan of these noodles as well, I have drove the 2 hour return trip several times just to eat the noodles.
    Sabah and Sarawak is a food paradise, much like Penang.


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