Eddy Puah’s birthday @ Workshop


Workshop is one of the more private drinking establishments in town
with a regular crowd of patrons. Eddy had his birthday last Saturday night
there with a group of close friends.

condom collection

I had quite a lot of events going on
Saturday so it was a little hectic for me. I went with Faye to Condom Collection late evening to get Eddy a birthday present. It’s the only adult
entertainment shop in Sibu and I wanted to get Eddy something other than
the usual de facto necktie gift.

eddy present

I settled for a pair of edible undies (RM 24.90) and a stress ball made in the shape of a nude female torso (RM 19.90).

edible undies

The Edible Undies is…well, edible and contains the following disclaimer:

edible undies back

Edible Undies is sold as a novelty item only, and has no nutritional value. Garment will dissolve in water or excessive moisture.

stress keychain

Stress Reliever Key Chain is perfect for work related stress. I’m a big fan of stress
balls as well, but I figured popping Xanax would look less conspicuous.
Better living through chemistry…for every problem, a chemical solution!

stress back

It has the tagline: Let go of all your anger, tension and frustration with the STRESS RELIEVER K.C.

eddy gift

Faye told me that wrapping presents
has fallen out of vogue and suggested we put the items in a store
purchased but handmade self sealing paper bag. I agreed since I’m not a
big fan of wrapping stuff myself, so I wrote a birthday message on the
paper bag and we passed it to Eddy.

workshop hub

Workshop is designed to look like a
car workshop. There are neon illuminated wheel hubs on the walls and even
the tables are propped up with hubcaps from discarded tyres.

workshop interior

wine was on free flow courtesy of Eddy and I consumed quite a lot of the
red stuff. I remember belting out a particularly heartfelt rendition of
Creep (Radiohead) after a couple of hours there.

workshop pool

I also
played pool with Faye and as usual, she kicked my ass, not because she’s
better at it (or so I’ll like to think) but because I’m usually more
inebriated than her every time we play.

eddy bday group

Happy birthday Eddy! =D

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10 thoughts on “Eddy Puah’s birthday @ Workshop”

  1. It’s quite insane how high the notes for Creep can go!! Really have to get yourself lubed up before even attempting it πŸ˜‰
    And though you obviously already know this, I just have to add it in – takes a year to kick the habit, but just a day to get it kick-started again! All the best there, mate =)

  2. Do convey my belated birthday greetings to my OLD (literally) friend, Eddy! Hahahahahaha!!!! Nice presents u got for him!!! Love the undies…but then, don’t I love anything edible?? Oops!!!!! No wild imaginings now, eh!ROTFLMAO!!!

  3. I couldn’t focus on the items you purchased but more on the pair of legs ha..ha.. Hey should you ask the cake house to make a cake shape like a vagina that should thrill your friend ;p

  4. Ash: Well, the trick is to start in a lower key so it’s easier to scale up later. πŸ˜‰
    …and I agree, I wouldn’t attempt it without some Dutch Courage. Heh!
    Thanks, buddy…I know I shouldn’t be drinking at all (at least that’s what AA recommends) considering my problems with both alcohol and drugs and I know denial can be a powerful thing, but I honestly don’t drink except on weekends and holidays and sometimes I don’t even drink then. I appreciate the concern, my friend.
    suituapui: I will send your regards to him. πŸ™‚
    I’m not sure how the edible undies tastes like…gonna try one and do a review on it. I’ll probably do a dual review – getting a female version for my partner with me reviewing it and a male version for myself with her reviewing it.
    Roland: Haha! Hiaw lah, you. :p
    Hmm…you know, I think we probably can get a cake shop to do that. But then again, I’m not sure of the custom in Sibu regarding cakes and birthdays…does the person celebrating the birthday get the cake or the guests? Can anyone answer this question?
    clementwpy: Indeed! It’s a good thing, me thinks.
    eve: I’m very concerned about that actually. The “habit forming” bit. I must be very careful. VERY.
    Thanks for your concern, eve. I will be very careful about this.
    Tony Hii: I’ll make sure he gets the message. πŸ™‚


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