May 022008


Hello! My face is up here!

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15 Responses to “Eh?”

  1. Can’t resist the boobs ka ;p

  2. Naughty HB! Are you going to block this pic soon?

  3. oh… my.. another clue.. LOL
    case study 2: skin color and texture
    case study 3: red shirt.
    mental note saved.. haha.. this is fun…

  4. ha ha ha

  5. Once a baby, always a baby???…Hey! Come to think of it, men never grow up, do they?…Suckers from the time they were born! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  6. That is just a weird picture?!?

  7. Is your shirt torn around the right underarm area?

  8. It’s like when celebrities go out with other people; EVERYONE here wants to know!

  9. should squeeze them nxtime HB ;)

  10. should squeeze them nxtime HB ;)

  11. -___________________-”

  12. Roland: personally, i’m more of an leg man. i’m not a boob man nor an ass man, i tend to notice the legs first. nice legs has a higher weighting in my book than boobs (little to no weighting) or ass (no weighting).
    Choonie: nope, we were very careful to make sure identifying features were not in the photo. haha!
    i like the face printed on her t shirt.
    deer: OMG! please don’t share your findings here.
    clementwpy: interesting imprint on the shirt huh…
    suituapui: i have since learned to appreciate the subtle wonders afforded by the female breast. it’s kinda soft. ;)
    Crunk Juice: it can be a little scary at night too. not sure who had the bright idea to print eyes and lips on a t shirt.
    liquidblackout: it’s torn in more places than that. :)
    it’s my favorite nike t-shirt, once red, now faded brown. it’s very comfortable for naps.
    JW: well, the identity of this mysterious girl shall be protected at all costs. ;)
    zeroize: perhaps i will, next time. ;)
    Irene: i couldn’t resist. ;)

  13. nah.. dont worry. this will be my last case study. wont share it. always good to have you back dude.]

  14. Aiyo…. Taken aback!
    Thought it was another series of Edison Chen’s scandal photos released.
    A bit disappointed though cos nothing to see. Atleast show tits la….

  15. deer: haha! thanks buddy. :)
    Wilson: can’t lah. i would if it’s not someone i care for (which is a broad ranging term inclusive of friends and relationships) but if it’s someone i know on a personal level, i wouldn’t.

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