Rest & Relax (RR)


Rest & Relax is better known as RR and is located above 3 Degrees Celsius (the club). It’s managed by the same proprietors and the place does not have any of the popular neon signboards other clubs and pubs display.

rr bar

There is an RR signage on the top which is not lit and there’s no indication of the 3C club downstairs except for the massive throng of teenagers hanging around the place and the bass emanating from the vicinity.

rr live band

RR (as it is commonly known) also has a live band and is a chill out place with bar seating areas as well as other more private seating arrangements compared to the all out bass music of the 3C club downstairs.

rr noodles

We’ve just watched Kung Fu Panda and haven’t had anything to eat yet so we ordered a plate of fried noodles (RM 6). It’s a pretty large serving…

rr share

…so I shared it with Faye.

rr lamb

We also had their lamb cube (RM 15) which is one of the more popular finger foods. It’s pieces of grilled lamb served with chilli sauce.

high high

I also remembered having several jugs (pitchers) of High High – it’s a local cocktail concoction which consists of Guinness Stout, Heineken beer, wine cooler and vodka. It tastes surprisingly good and is very popular at pubs and bars here and usually goes for RM 48 – 50.

rr susie ting

This is the delectable Susie Ting, which is unfortunately taken. πŸ˜‰

rr group

This is a group photo of us at RR – that’s me and Faye standing and Susie and Annie seated.

rr group pat

The head pat heard around the world referenced in the next paragraph.

rr faye me

I remember taking a group photo where I patted Susie’s head and Faye insisted I pose in a similar manner…this time with HER patting my head. Pfffffttt…

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14 thoughts on “Rest & Relax (RR)”

  1. suprisingly beautiful place considering its located above a pub. i thought the rooms above a club were where pimps kept their horses or places where poor students from vietnam had to live!

  2. Been there b4 but never knew they got such delicious food especially the lamb cube. Looks good.. Haikz! Always ur blog always make me hungry.. Wish i am in sibu now!

  3. You are another rich Malaysian Chinese dude.
    Fried mee for RM 6. Another good joke.
    Hey, are you joining the demo in Kuching against price hike ?

  4. Was the lamb cube good? Wasn’t looking too appertizing to me.
    I went out clubbing yesterday night, yes only one mug of Yueng Ling already is my limit. I am going to end up in the hospital if I drink like you. LOL

  5. Been there twice. Had a plate of lamb, beef, chickenwings RM20, cheap cos big portions enough for 2! Another time, Saturday…it was crowded and when l heard shouts ‘Sir! Sir!’ l took to my heels! LOL! Btw, RM6 for fried noodles isnt expensive at such places! Try getting it at that price in Kuching or Miri!

  6. Been there twice. Had a plate of lamb, beef, chickenwings RM20, cheap cos big portions enough for 2! Another time, Saturday…it was crowded and when l heard shouts ‘Sir! Sir!’ l took to my heels! LOL! Btw, RM6 for fried noodles isnt expensive at such places! Try getting it at that price in Kuching or Miri!

  7. JW: This is not one of those dodgy clubs. It’s not a feng tau joint or a disco, more like a proper club. It’s about the only proper club we have in Sibu – I could classify Hijau Lounge and places like that as pubs. Q-bar is the other club that I’ll go to…the dodgy clubs/discos to avoid in Sibu would be Night Angel and places like that.
    miumiu: The lamb cube is good and the portion is generous too. I hear they used to serve a lot of different food but the owner had to cook it himself and got too busy for that so he cut down the menu to a conservative 10 items. Oh well.
    anonymous: I’m not rich. The big business owners are the ones who’re really rich. I just earn a respectable salary that I can spend coz I don’t have family commitments.
    I’m not in Kuching, but I would join just for the fun of it. The price hike is affecting everyone.
    fish fish: Hmm…tastes like lamb but I had a little bit too much to drink before that so I can’t really be certain of the taste. It tasted good to me that night.
    No lah, don’t worry, we don’t force people to drink one. πŸ˜‰
    You drink as much as you’re comfortable with, that way everyone is happy. I tend to drink more coz I have a higher alcohol tolerance but I don’t expect other people to match my speed. You’ll be okay with us. πŸ™‚
    jessy: It was pretty funny, a little cheezy in some parts but still quite funny. No, we don’t get dubbed movies over her, it’s all subtitled instead – in Malay and Chinese. The movie is in English but Jackie Chan got only about two lines.
    suituapui: Oh, I saw that on the menu too. Wanted to order it but didn’t want to be too full until I couldn’t drink. Haha! There are a lot of people there, I always tend to bump into old friends I haven’t met for a long time there too.
    I agree, the price isn’t expensive for the setting and live bands etc. I heard they have a really extensive menu which was cut down coz the owner had to cook most of the dishes himself and he just didn’t have time anymore.

  8. Wnaaah… pics of icy cold jugs filled like these always make me damn gian. You’d have to buy me drink to make up for it, HB… when I recovered.
    Susie Ting is cute πŸ˜‰

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