Clubbing in Miri

cheerie berries

I went clubbing in Miri three (3) nights in a row and ended up spending two days to recover from it all. There is a central clubbing district (CCD?) of sorts at Cheerie Berries, which sounds like a euphemism for MDMA (berries that makes you cheery?). Balcony, Island and numerous other clubs are concentrated in that area.


I was at Balcony all three nights. The place was absolutely packed on Saturday night with no standing room, much less elbow space. It’s a popular club with the college students and the 20 somethings but people in their late 30’s might find themselves a little bit out of place here.

balcony bar

Balcony has a glass aquarium feature above the bar area where there is a real life shark swimming inside. You can catch a glimpse of our finned friend in the video here:

Balcony Video

chivas regal

I don’t remember much of Balcony the first day due to excessive consumption of a certain NMDA antagonist but the place actually does have a balcony as well as a pretty good dance floor.

balcony dj

The DJ at Balcony mostly plays commercial trance music as well as popular dance hits. I spent most of my nights here hanging out with friends.

rex box ktv

I also went to Rex Box Karaoke MV which…er, pays homage to the popular Red Box KTV franchise in KL and the private rooms upstairs.

rex box

Red Box, I mean Rex Box, is meant as a more legitimate KTV lounge with private rooms.

rex box staircase

There is a staircase going up decorated with a cabinet full of…empty bottles of distilled spirits.

de-luxe karaoke

The two joints are owned by the same proprietor and the “private club” upstairs is called De-Luxe Karaoke and has rooms named after cities in China e.g. Shanghai, Hainan, Xiamen etc.

de-luxe interior

You get an idea of the clientele that patronizes this joint from the interior decor. I was there with a group of 30 other…er, gentlemen of less-than-stellar repute under the same…union, shall we say.

may ketamine

May kindly gave me an RM 1 note coz I was thirsty and wanted to get a bottle of mineral water. It was soiled with some kind of powder which I blew off. Unfortunately, I inhaled instead of exhaled. Bummer.

de-luxe dodgy

There were a lot of China girls inside and things going on involving various substances. It was all very open since this was apparently their stomping grounds. It’s a rather dodgy place and completely dark with only the large projection TV for illumination and loud bass music flooding the room. The place stays open until 7 am in the morning!


The other joint I went to was V-Gas Pub and Lounge where May wanted to hang out after hours. It was still open at 3:30 am but the lights were not lit on the signage.

v-gas bar

It’s not really a lounge per se but rather a disco of sorts with a bar seating area.

v-gas disco

V-Gas plays a lot of hard trance and some people can be seen doing the Miri Shuffle.

The Miri Clubbing Photos:

may me faye

May, Huai Bin (me) and Faye doing two NMDA antagonists (alcohol is an NMDA antagonist too).

bitch leash

Damned bitch had me on a leash. πŸ˜‰

faye lv me

Faye, LV and myself drinking at Balcony.

girl on girl

There was a little bit of girl on girl action going on…


…and I figured I should make it FFM. πŸ˜‰


I have no caption for this one. Huddle puddle? Cringe inducing term.

me back

I took off my clothes at some point – and I have no recollection of that until I went through the photos. Interesting…

I kinda regretted doing the clubbing thing three (3) nights in a row coz it got really tiring after the second night. I wished I had gone to Mulu for a proper nature retreat but the flights were all fully booked. Nevertheless, I see this as an insight into the Miri nightlife that I have now experienced. There’s a lot of people who Party Hearty (TM) over there. πŸ™‚

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30 thoughts on “Clubbing in Miri”

  1. I love the electronic dance music! By the way, did you ever find that one song that was on M3th dragon video? I loved that! I would do anything to hear it again. πŸ™

  2. Morning HB,
    ha ha look like you really having a blast ya… when i was staying in Miri, my fav night outlet is Chaplin.. Its next to Balcony, actually on the other end of the same block la… just a small pub but nice place to relax after a long day of work… hi hi hi maybe someday u might go and check it out lo when u feel like relaxing ur mind or ect…
    Anyway it looks like it going to be very hot here in Sibu… Drink lots of water and take care ya.. regards to Faye too……

  3. 3 nights in the row? reminds me of my good old days hehe. I pity the sharks there, usually every three months they get a new because the shark always die(poor sharks)

  4. Leading the wild into the ways of man… nice to hear but it seems that you still the same huai bin who likes to use chemical substance to so called lead yourself into the ways of man? Pity your parents who put in so much of efforts to lead you into the ways of man….Hanging out with a married woman, alcoholic, womaniser, drugs… oops not really drugs, you like to ‘cough’ but lets called in a more gentleman words, how bout chemical substance? which one you are not in. The best is you like to lie to the readers like us who thought you are leading up a cool, sophiscated life and that you are smart? come on man, you are only smart when you are hanging up with your so called the ‘gentlemen of less-than-stellar repute under the same…union’ cos they too know nothing, but to people who leads a normal life like us, you are just nothing but an ordinary streetman who claimed himself wise. I guess thats why you like to attract attention, I dont mean to be sarcastic but think about it, why do you have to involve something of negative elements in your blog? that doesnt make you a superhero nor cool. Dont call yourself a working professional, you are just a salesman now. do something different man, a good ordinary guy with positive post like food is cool enough to earn yourself a respect from people like us. occasionally good clubbing post is cool too but take out those ‘ cough ‘ thingies.
    from, a long lost fren of yours
    [HB: Thank you for sharing. It is important to have friends who are willing to speak up and have the courage to talk about what they think is wrong. That, is a real friend indeed. Anyway, I’m not trying to defend myself, but the married woman is just a friend and we hang out in a group. I’m not an alcoholic anymore, I usually only drink weekends and sometimes not even then. There’s no excuse for the NMDA antagonist. I’m sorry I did that, in hindsight, I regretted it, not for anyone but coz I made a vow never to touch it again. However, I have never since touched anything illicit since then, or ever will again. I do not claim to be smart, I’m just intelligent. πŸ˜‰ I won’t lose any sleep over what you think of me, coz I honestly don’t care if you think I’m smart (or not). I know what I am and I never lie to my readers about my lifestyle.
    I never conciously attract attention, I just blog what I want and when I want. Oh, and I’m not a salesman. I was in marketing (which is different from sales) but I transferred into Corporate Communications which is more about A&P and Events Management, which I enjoy doing. More about that in the next post. That said, I WILL NOT censor myself or take out ANYTHING for the sake of anyone but myself. Thus, if there’s more coughing in the future, that’s for me to decide and I want you to respect that.
    Based on the amount of information you know, I’m pretty certain I know who you are. Based on your history, make sure that what you’re doing is sincere and there’s no element of jealousy or resentment clouding your observations. From a friend to another. Thanks again for your comment.]

  5. HB ignore that last comment. I love your blog and was so glad to randomly type in one day and see your blog back on.
    I love your posts about food and all the places you go and things you see. Til next time I’ll be living vicariously through you. Keep livin’ the dream man, we in Canada love you.

  6. Wow… no wonder ppl always say that Miri has better night life than Kuching. But those place seems not too appropriate for those who cannot resist ‘temptation’. Thanks for ‘opening’ my eyes and hope that you can take less of that chemical substance. Not good for your health. If possible, dun take it at all. For your own good.

  7. wow Irony,
    r u ok with HB. looks like he did something to you before… but anyway.. as u knw, if there is anything that u are not happy to read or see in HB’s blog, you can always choose not to read it at all… then you won’t hv to feel so irritated by wat ever is in his blog.. if he’s lying or not bout himself that is not ours to judge… pls don’t take it so seriously ya… we all hv rites to write watever we want to in our blog.. so please let he do it his ways and we do it our ways ya… have a nice day Irony… take care… cheers….

  8. Huai, I think that NMDA agonists are far preferable to certain psychostimulants and that used in moderation present minimal physical/psychological harm to the individual. Based on your posts so far I feel you are leading a reasonably healthy, yet still wildly entertaining lifestyle. I like that you are retaining at least some semblance of discretion as well. Live it up, and keep the posts coming.
    Your reader of 4+ years,

  9. Now, HB I see you’ve answered in the previous post that you only took the substance because ‘it’s a vacation’. But isn’t that just an excuse to go back to your old ways again? You seem to have a new life now, having so much going on for you, and people who care about you. Why mess it all up again? Not many people get a second chance. You yourself said that decade of substance abuse has left your body suffering from permanent damages. Don’t let a seemingly carefree once-in-awhile ‘indulgence’ screw everything up! I know it’s easier said than done. Maybe it’s time you get some help again? Before all hell break loose.
    I have no doubt you are smart enough to know what’s going on. Just need to really think about it this time and make the right decision, for no one else but yourself.
    Take care dude!

  10. Its just a phase i think, you will grow out of it. I do think you have a kind soul inside of you, but well, i guess it’s hard for the people who loves you seeing you do things that will hurt yourself (eventually). Just work hard to resist it Huai Bin, like CC said, “before all hell break loose”
    take care, and happy friday to you πŸ˜‰

  11. Choonie & CC, I guess we have the same thought for HB, its all for his own good,
    HB, No no, you just care so much whether people think you are smart or not, thats truth and dont lie to yourself. you always think you are smart or even intelligent or whatever terms you like to call it, thats even from your childhood times, You are who you are, but deep in yourself, you are confused. You may be right at some point, ‘to be or not to be’, thats the question of your own, only you yourself know that how difficult you pull yourself out from those nightmares, how you told us about health conditons? we are nobody to futher comment. Life is of your own. We are just someone who cares about you and your senior to pinpoint out which we think its not right in the so called ways of man. So that when you ‘cough’ again at any point of time, think of your loved ones, we dont really be affected as we r just your hi-bye fren..Seriously, who cares much as we are not the one whos gonna cry our hearts out at your grave but your parents. So think twice but you do it again. BTW, respect comes in both ways and you have to earn it and not begging
    Well, as for your job, you really dont have to care much on what I say, yo may even call yourself a ceo if you want to, and u know what, if this is what you posted, I will believe that cox as you said ‘I just blog what I want and when I want.’ Good man, all the best!
    [HB: Okay, now I know for sure who you are. Thank you, my friend. You’re right, I DO care about what people think of me, especially with regards to my intellectual fortitude. It’s just the way I have been brought up (not to blame my parents, it’s not a bad thing). I want to be perceived as intelligent – it was one of the key positive traits I was brought up to believe in.
    Anyway, you may have heard last time we met that I wasn’t really happy in doing what I was doing and was planning to transfer. It’s done, more about it in the next post. Now, I’m doing what I really enjoy doing and what I’m good at. It’s a good thing, this new position.
    Again, not everyone has the courage to speak up, especially amongst friends. It’s hard to tell the truth, even when you see what is happening is wrong. Thanks for speaking up about what you feel is wrong. I appreciate the honesty and sincerity in that. It’s great to have people like you who’re not afraid to speak up, and I’m not pissed off at all. I’m glad you commented about this issue. Cheers! :)]
    we are all ok with HB, and not irrirated at all, cox as I have mentioned we are just pinpointing, you are right, he can write what he likes, I have my freedom to write or comment as what I want and what I think its not right in his blog title that claims ‘ leading the wild into the ways of man. Im immuned for that I supposed. This is just a piece of advice, well, in fact you should also encourage him more to lead him to the ways of man. if this is your brother who did this to himself, i beg you will do more than I did. Thanks for your wishes.
    To fellow foreigners,
    I wont blame you because of your ignorance to the Asian culture and I believe, even if you see someone whos ‘potting’ on the street or even in front of you , you will think they are leading to a reasonable healthy life. you may live that up in your countryhome but not in a Malaysian Land or blog, cus you dont know the values of our culture, or to be more specific, chinese culture is what I meant. What say you. Go on, Pot it up man!

  12. IRONY, you are someone full of wisdom. It’s hard to disagree with what you wrote here.
    Well, HB blog is one of the best blog I ever seen from a Malaysian. but HB, u really should consider stop using those chemical substances, I think you know better than us how this thing is gonna hurt u. I am sure ur parents are still worrying over you, and so is your sister. Make them proud, through a healthy life, through a proper job, through a meaningful way, not by self destruction.Clubbing is fine. Just stay away from drugs OK? It’s most dangerous when u thnk u can deal safely with drugs coz they are never ever safe, they r just like a lion, waiting to strike at you when you are least prepare.
    Also, HB, do u still using ur dad’s money? or else I wonder how can u afford such luxurious life style of urs? I am not critisizing u, but everything has increase now, so, we should all practicing a moderate lifestyle. If u have spare money, do some good deeds e.g. donate to earthquakes victims from China and so on.
    Still a good blog though, love ur food part and travelling tips.
    Just wanna c a new u. Btw, I am ur sis long term friend. Cheers

  13. Hi irony,
    sorry if i’d wrote something which might hurt u. u n medicman are right that he’s not suppose to get himself into trouble again but what can we do if he doesn’t stop himself.. no point of pinpointing or ect cos watever advice we give the choice will still be made by him…but at the same time we have no idea wat is he going through in his daily life… some ppl have their own problem which we will never knw.. maybe he will or might stop taking those substance in future but for now let him be wat he is… as long as he does not do it on regular basis (HB-i hope u don’t ya)… i believe that no one is perfect in anyway… i really enjoy all this conversation… take care(i mean it sincerely k)… :p

  14. jessy: I got another version of it, I’ll rummage through the CDs and get it for you.
    essentric: Haha! I love the reference. πŸ˜‰
    I’m getting too old for this shit too, those 3 nights damned near killed me.
    al’sera: I think it’s even worse in JB, though I’ve never partied there before. πŸ™‚
    bubble7866: Morning! Chaplin, eh? I haven’t been there before but I’ll surely check it out next time I’m there. It is getting rather hot in Sibu, another heat wave like the one a couple of weeks back. It’s a good thing I’m based in the office now. Thanks for the concern and take care!
    Darren: Oh, I think I’m getting old too coz those 3 nights in a row nearly killed me. πŸ˜‰
    Really? That’s interesting! I didn’t know the sharks in Balcony have such a high mortality rate. Poor things.
    Irony: Replied in-line.
    beastiac: Thanks for the support, my friend. I’m glad you’re back and thanks for reading. I shall keep on writing, for sure. Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚
    Choonie: Yeah, it really has a more vibrant nightlife than Kuching. There is more “stuff” there too, and it’s much more often. Thanks for the concern, Choonie.
    bubble7866: I think I did do something insensitive before. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for all the support, it’s really appreciated! πŸ™‚
    skittles: Thanks for the support, skittles. πŸ™‚
    I appreciate that! I am starting to be more careful about things, I guess it’s a process of having more to lose.
    Oh, and this is the second time I’ve heard NMDA agonist in a day. It’s an NMDA antagonist, right? Why is there two people refering to it as an agonist? Not questioning your sources, I’m just very curious. I gotta double check but I’m pretty sure it’s an NMDA antagonist.
    Thanks again for reading, and thanks for staying. I shall keep on writing, loyal reader. Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚
    cc: I agree, that’s no excuse at all and I apologize. I don’t need to explain my actions, but I will. I have stated that it won’t happen again coz I realize the implications involved. Thank you for your concern, mate. You take care and I appreciate the well wishes.
    Simmy: Yeah, I agree with that. I’m actually trying rather hard right now. I’m going to a Christian youth group meeting tonight. Figured I should be hanging out in a positive environment.
    Take care, my friend.
    Irony: Replied in your comment. Irony’s comments does not reflect’s opinions and should not be taken as an acknowledgement of his opinions.
    MEDICMAN: Thanks for your concern, mate. I agree with the substance issue – I realize that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place and I have made a vow not to do it again, coz it caused me considerable collateral damage (not financially – but don’t ask what).
    Anyway, I’ve not used my dad’s money for a long time. I’ve wondered the very same thing that you did – how someone can afford to live a life above what their official salary should dictate. It’s kinda simple really, basic arithmetic.
    Okay, this is just an example:
    Official Salary (after EPF, tax, etc): RM 2,600
    Credit facility income*: RM 1,000
    Trading services**: RM 510
    Gaming operation***: RM 1,500
    Total monthly income: RM 5,610
    *This comes from people servicing a loan of RM 10,000 @ 10% – this is something that you don’t have to actively work for once you lend the money, it’s kinda like a monthly supplementary income.
    **Let’s say someone wants Xanax and monthly consumption is about 30 blister packs e.g. 300 tablets. You buy it at RM 23 and sell it at RM 40. RM 17 profit per blister pack X 30 = RM 510.
    ***Suppose you have a 10% stake in a pure commission 4D operation (e.g. the operation is NOT “eating” tickets but just passing it on). You get it @ RM 0.72 per ticket and you sell it at RM 0.84 per ticket to someone who sells it to buyers at RM 1. The commission is RM 0.12 per ticket. I can’t give an exact value of the income from this, since it varies but there are 3 draw dates per week and four weeks in a month. Let’s just say 10% of RM 15,000.
    RM 5,000 is more than enough for a single person with no commitments to lead a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. The trick is supplementary income, and most people don’t realize this.
    Thanks for your compliment. I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog. Say hi to my sister for me.

  15. So Huai bin, besides being a druggie, you’re also a gangster eh ?
    Seems you peddle drugs, runs a loansharking scheme and an illegal gambling business investment.
    So that’s how you invest your money, in organized crime activities.

  16. I must have been to Miri with the wrong people. Wait it was my mother. No wonder I had to sit and drink alone at the hotel’s lounge watching singers with very bad ending routine.
    The worst is the waiter asked whether I am with MAS when I asked for the bill.
    Do I look that gay I wonder?
    Will have to look at Miri at a whole new direction.

  17. HB, try not to worry too much (which i guess you won’t do anyway.. πŸ™‚ ) as there still are loads of people who think you’re not on the wrong track by sometimes still ‘entertaining’ yourself..
    i can very well relate to you as i also have quite a filled drug-career but nowadays i still enjoy something once in a while, which i’m pretty sure doesn’t have any bad or lasting influences.. so to all people thinking you will relapse: it doesn’t always happen when you still have a brain left πŸ˜‰
    and to prevent people from thinking i’m ‘just’ a junkie i do really enjoy about anything HB writes be it about food, lifestyle or whatever, been reading all of it for years and it’s always very enjoying!

  18. gangster: I’m not involved in organized crime. I just stating AN EXAMPLE of how someone could be earning more than what their official salary should be and how they can live above their means. Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer. I didn’t mean myself.
    vlad: Haha! We should hang out together next time we go to Miri. It’ll be fun.
    ShaolinTiger: Hey, buddy. Thanks for the concern. It’s very much appreciated. I know I kinda messed up in Miri and I’m still paying for my mistakes (not financially, just some other aspects). Going to be attending a Christian youth group meeting later tonight and perhaps hang out in a more positive environment to rack up the karma points. I won’t be going down that path again, trust me. Have a great weekend ST.
    ck: Thanks mate! πŸ™‚
    Yeah, we kinda live life to the fullest, eh? Every day like it’s your very last.

  19. It’s amazing how the groupies are so supportive of HB without realising he got his extra income from illegal sources such as peddling pharmaceutical and narcotics for his gangster friends and also his involvement in illegal 4D betting rings.
    HB, do you have any investment in prostitution businesses that belongs to your friends as well ?
    So besides screwing yourself up, you’re also screwing other people’s kids out by getting involved in the drug peddling and illegal gambling business.
    What a fine role model you are and I am amused at the groupies swarming your blog.

  20. Hey HB
    Nice to have you back after a long silence from the blogosphere. Always enjoy reading your postings. Keep up the good reads.
    Btw, did you check out Thai Club while in Miri?

  21. parent: Nope, I don’t have any investments in the adult entertainment industry. Why? You got kang tao izzit?
    You fail to understand the term “an example”. Perhaps you should browse your copy of the dictionary.
    headsteadi: Thank you, my friend. I enjoy writing about them too. Anyway, we wanted to check out Siam Thai Club but the place was too packed, so we ended up in Balcony again.

  22. ck, I agree. I really think it’s not about the drug, it’s about the person, their attitude toward use, their reasons for use, and the problems that it’s covering up. And I definitely believe in controlled use, but what is “too much” all depends on the person and where they are in life, and it’s harder to be honest and reasonable with yourself when you are under the influence. So it’s a touchy thing, especially for someone who is used to compulsive self-medicating (i.e. addiction) in the past.
    I think drugs have their place, just like alcohol, as an occasional thing, but unfortunately society isn’t there yet, so there ARE legal and social consequences… people are gonna look down on you, and your friends and family are going to worry about you, and you won’t alienate them even as much as you try… So you have to be responsible and make sacrifices. I really believe you’re getting there, HB. πŸ™‚
    Sorry this is so personal… it’s kind of personal for me too. I think you know what’s right for you now, and I think you can do it. I love the food/travel posts too! XY Chromosomes also sounds great πŸ˜‰

  23. ayoo… sayang u did not squeeze yourself to Thai Bar the other day… that place is better than Balcony (my opinion la, different ppl different taste).. more spacier and syok especially when u are really high…(God i miss those days)… hi hi hi anyway gonna miss all that syok here in Sibu… hi hi hi

  24. eve: Very true…attitudes towards use and more importantly the reasons for using (which are kinda related) says a lot about a person. I can’t afford to be seen as using nowadays, so I made a decision not to, due to various factors. I won’t call it a relapse since the NMDA antagonist we’re talking about is not “addictive” per se (and I’m sure most educated people would agree, minus the “all drugs are the same” ignorent herd) but it was still inexcusable due to my vow not to use again.
    It is hard to be honest with oneself when using, you are full of wisdom and experience indeed, eve. Are you an ex/current user or a psychiatrist or in the rehabilitation line?
    The social consequences is one of the reasons I quit, but the main reason is I didn’t like myself when I was using and I know I was using to cover up a host of emotional issues and problems and used to compulsively self medicate, justifying it with the mantra – Better living through chemistry, for every problem, a chemical solution.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, I am really trying hard now and haven’t touched the stuff for a long time. The true litmus test is the temptation thing – I can have the stuff IN FRONT of me and NOT be tempted to use (disregarding the Miri vacation). I’m being totally honest when I say this, and to me, this means I’ve not just won the battle, I’ve won the war. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry the first XY Chromosome post is kinda dodgy. Heh!
    bubble7866: Yeah, I heard it’s nicer place too. Very popular during weekends as well, it was too packed on Saturday. Hmm…Sibu. Have you tried going to Night Angel? πŸ˜‰
    I’m kidding, I haven’t been there myself since they changed the name from Heaven but I’ve only heard dodgy things about the place.

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