Clubbing in Miri

cheerie berries

I went clubbing in Miri three (3) nights in a row and ended up spending two days to recover from it all. There is a central clubbing district (CCD?) of sorts at Cheerie Berries, which sounds like a euphemism for MDMA (berries that makes you cheery?). Balcony, Island and numerous other clubs are concentrated in that area.


I was at Balcony all three nights. The place was absolutely packed on Saturday night with no standing room, much less elbow space. It’s a popular club with the college students and the 20 somethings but people in their late 30’s might find themselves a little bit out of place here.

balcony bar

Balcony has a glass aquarium feature above the bar area where there is a real life shark swimming inside. You can catch a glimpse of our finned friend in the video here:

Balcony Video

chivas regal

I don’t remember much of Balcony the first day due to excessive consumption of a certain NMDA antagonist but the place actually does have a balcony as well as a pretty good dance floor.

balcony dj

The DJ at Balcony mostly plays commercial trance music as well as popular dance hits. I spent most of my nights here hanging out with friends.

rex box ktv

I also went to Rex Box Karaoke MV which…er, pays homage to the popular Red Box KTV franchise in KL and the private rooms upstairs.

rex box

Red Box, I mean Rex Box, is meant as a more legitimate KTV lounge with private rooms.

rex box staircase

There is a staircase going up decorated with a cabinet full of…empty bottles of distilled spirits.

de-luxe karaoke

The two joints are owned by the same proprietor and the “private club” upstairs is called De-Luxe Karaoke and has rooms named after cities in China e.g. Shanghai, Hainan, Xiamen etc.

de-luxe interior

You get an idea of the clientele that patronizes this joint from the interior decor. I was there with a group of 30 other…er, gentlemen of less-than-stellar repute under the same…union, shall we say.

may ketamine

May kindly gave me an RM 1 note coz I was thirsty and wanted to get a bottle of mineral water. It was soiled with some kind of powder which I blew off. Unfortunately, I inhaled instead of exhaled. Bummer.

de-luxe dodgy

There were a lot of China girls inside and things going on involving various substances. It was all very open since this was apparently their stomping grounds. It’s a rather dodgy place and completely dark with only the large projection TV for illumination and loud bass music flooding the room. The place stays open until 7 am in the morning!


The other joint I went to was V-Gas Pub and Lounge where May wanted to hang out after hours. It was still open at 3:30 am but the lights were not lit on the signage.

v-gas bar

It’s not really a lounge per se but rather a disco of sorts with a bar seating area.

v-gas disco

V-Gas plays a lot of hard trance and some people can be seen doing the Miri Shuffle.

The Miri Clubbing Photos:

may me faye

May, Huai Bin (me) and Faye doing two NMDA antagonists (alcohol is an NMDA antagonist too).

bitch leash

Damned bitch had me on a leash. πŸ˜‰

faye lv me

Faye, LV and myself drinking at Balcony.

girl on girl

There was a little bit of girl on girl action going on…


…and I figured I should make it FFM. πŸ˜‰


I have no caption for this one. Huddle puddle? Cringe inducing term.

me back

I took off my clothes at some point – and I have no recollection of that until I went through the photos. Interesting…

I kinda regretted doing the clubbing thing three (3) nights in a row coz it got really tiring after the second night. I wished I had gone to Mulu for a proper nature retreat but the flights were all fully booked. Nevertheless, I see this as an insight into the Miri nightlife that I have now experienced. There’s a lot of people who Party Hearty (TM) over there. πŸ™‚

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