RIP Sony T70 – Burial at sea (or in waterfall)

t70 rip

I think I’m having a streak of bad luck coz my digicam fell into the water while I was getting my towel in Sebangkoi Country Resort during the weekend and it remained submerged for at least 30 minutes before we realized it was missing and went in search for the renegade device. It was finally found in the rocks below two feet of water.

I had thought someone else had nicked it and was so thankful that at least the memory card (which contained all the photos) was intact and would likely be readable (despite the fact that the entire body was dripping with water). It is a testament to Sony digital camera’s resilience that it was STILL working after letting it dry out for 8 hours behind the suite’s fridge.

The digital camera worked (despite a really slow start up time) the next day and I was able to get it working on Monday morning too before it finally died on me just now, citing a “For use with compatible battery only” error message before automatically shutting down. I really need a new digicam and would have to get a new one tomorrow.

t70 dead

Sigh…and I just got this one about two weeks ago which made it’s lifespan cost about RM 84 per day. I used up two digicams in a single month and I’ll have to get a new one tomorrow. Three digital cameras in a month. Jesus, I think I’m going to need sponsorship soon.

Contribute to the digicam fund:
Maybank Account Number: 111057185005
Name: Poh Huai Bin

You can just use the CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) at all Maybank branches. Sponsors will be granted sexual favors. πŸ˜‰

I’m kidding. Seriously though, it would help finance the purchase if someone helps out. That really is my bank account number and with my lifestyle, it’s current balance is about RM 371.42. πŸ™

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24 thoughts on “RIP Sony T70 – Burial at sea (or in waterfall)”

  1. Nowonder your closeup pic sucks you using a Sony T70. Since you so bloody careless you should get a water and shock proof digicam. If you are tight in budget a Nikon digicam with 7.1 mega pix retail from RM398.

  2. Hmm.. mrpoh i think you better dun get the camera this month, cos its a “suay” month for you. Bear it till next month, after u dapat gaji. Unless got ppl sponsoring you different says la. If you wanna get a cheaper deal in Sibu, i can help you tho.. πŸ™‚

  3. Sponsors will be granted sexual favors. πŸ˜‰
    Ummm….interesting!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Let’s wait for more comments and see what offers you’ll get!!! LOL!!!

  4. Dude, condider Canon SD1000 (IXUS something.) ultra compact, metalic chassis withstanding all kind of blogging abuse, excellent start up time, battery pretty much last forever, DSLR class processor. My D70S has been sitting on the bench since. Ditch plascticky Nikon Digicam, besides slow start,way too bulky for blogging. Do you still have the paypal account?
    Roland my friend, lets not pick on HB’s close up photos, he’s a dude. When HB start to take fancy, magazine quality close up culinary photographs with depth of field effect…we have to worry about him turning gay πŸ™‚

  5. now that camera didn’t live very long didn’t it? haha talk about being broke, i’m going to travel next month and i’m freaking broke too hehehe

  6. I spent six years in the US Navy, and was the guy people used to bring their damaged boomboxes to for repair. (This was before Walkmans)
    When electronics fall into salt water, the first thing you should do is remove the battery. Next is to dunk the wet parts (in your case the whole camera) into _fresh_ water. Do this a couple of times to rinse out the salt.
    Then disassemble it as far as you’re comfortable, rinse with more fresh water and then let it air dry. If it’s available you can use some isopropyl alcohol to speed drying. Isopropyl is kind to most plastics but may remove inks and damage LCDs.
    Of course, a hard drive is probably dead; if you need the data do the fresh-water rinse several times and get the drive to a professional recovery service soonest.
    BTW – it’s great to have you back blogging! If you have to go walkabout again please give us a farewell post (or do you secretly enjoy tracking the rumors of your death? πŸ™‚

  7. “When HB start to take fancy, magazine quality close up culinary photographs with depth of field effect…we have to worry about him turning gay”….Now THAT is an interesting comment!!! Does that mean the majority of male bloggers out there are all gay? Gee!!! Some take such nice photos. they can really make one drool plus-plus….!!! Thank goodness my photos are yucky too! LOL!!

  8. Hmm.. mrpoh i think you better dun get the camera this month, cos its a “suay” month for you.
    Hey, I’m an ignorant American, but have studied some SE Asian / Austronesian words, mostly using Paul Kekai Manansala for reference inspiration.
    Is “Suay” a Fukienese of Malay word? (Actually I think South Chinese and Malays have very similar Y-DNA haplogroup O3 I believe). It is curious because there is in New Guinnea a word “Suangi” for sorcerer, or black magician. And in Tagalog/Philippines you have “Asuang” which is a male sorcerer. The word for Dog too is “Asu” in Tagalog/Kapampangan, and of course there are ancient associations between dogs and sorcery around the world.
    The funny thing in New Guinnea they are as paranoid about “Suangi” as the Inquisition was about some european women, but the tribal answer for someone acting a little weird, they would just eat them.
    My own opinion is that like some successful people (like Ted Turner who came up with idea of CNN, 24 hour news network, coz he was impatient for the news) Huai Bin has some tendencies for hypomania (less than full mania) and the distractability but also extremely creative and intelligent way he reports on this site shows alot of energy. So maybe happiness is indeed totally giving up idea of taking pictures for a short time and being happy with way things are?
    Don’t mind me I’m full of s**t and a total imposter. In fact maybe I’ll cease my new joy of intelligent posting here, lest “I” am the asuang in this situation.
    Bows and smiles.

  9. Might I suggest the new Olympus cameras. Either the Β΅850SW which is 8.0 MP. Or the Β΅1030 which is 10.0 MP. Both are shockproof, waterproof, and freezeproof. The Β΅1030 is waterproof to 10 meters! Which is something you need. Obviously. Β΅850SW only waterproof up to 3 meters. The Β΅1030 is obviously the latest and toughest model they have yet to come up with. Oho! It’s scratchproof too! I know that would come in handy for you.
    Β΅850SW is currently RM1.1k
    Β΅1030 is currently RM1.5k
    I’m SO helpful! But not helpful enough to donate you any money. LOL. I myself have to save up for what I have my eyes on. πŸ˜‰

  10. Roland: Hey, my macro pics doesn’t suck. :p
    At least I don’t think they do. I used to take awesome photos of pills and those are super macro shot.
    I must admit though, in certain lighting conditions (incandescent is the worse), I can’t get macro shots to come out right.
    Thanks for the tip, I used to be totally pro Nikon but now I’m using Sony so I’m going Sony all the way.
    goolooloo: Yeah, I want to get a cheaper deal. I can get it this month due to the divine credit card. πŸ˜‰
    I’ll call you when I want to get it.
    bengbeng: Yeah, I’m having a streak of bad luck. Looking for a compact digicam for less than RM 1.5k with Sony features like touch screen, smile detection etc.
    suituapui: You didn’t read the Fine Print (TM). It’s applicable for females only. πŸ˜‰
    e: Really? Hmm…I’m going to go look more into Canon then. I haven’t though of them as a contender in the digicam game since the early days so I’ve never used one.
    Haha! I can take good macro photos (at least to my untrained eye) but under the right lighting conditions. Clare can take good photos anytime with her dSLR.
    Darren: Yeah, I’m feeling it already from all the lost gadgets. It’s really stretching my budget this month, with all the travel too.
    Crash Gordon: Thanks for the tip, my friend. Luckily it fell into fresh water, I don’t think it will even start if it fell into the sea.
    Anyway, I will keep on blogging for as long as I live. I stopped not coz I wanted to but coz I got dragged to a drug rehabilitation centre without a chance to say goodbye to anyone. Oh well. It did teach me something though. Stay sober and all that. πŸ™‚
    Being in rehab, now THAT’S a total waste of time.
    Thanks for reading.
    ahlost: Hmm…I am currently borrowing a friend’s digicam with about the same specs (7.1 MP instead of 8 MP but otherwise identical) so photos will go on. I can’t blog without photos. has had photos in every post since 2002.
    asra: Yeah, someone up there must hate me. πŸ˜‰
    suituapui: Well, we’re 100% heterosexual then. πŸ˜‰
    miumiu: Yeah, splash proof and shock proof too, coz it gets banged up all the time from being in my pocket and I’m known to be clumsy. Bumping into desks and all that.
    Bill: Suay is Hokkien (Fukian) and translates as “unlucky”. I don’t know if it has other connoctations coz I don’t really know much about Chinese history and superstition. I wasn’t brought up in a traditional Chinese family, but a Christian one, so our values and learnings were not truly based on our roots.
    I am bipolar (at least my psychiatrist tells me so) but I can control it to a certain extent now. It wrecks HAVOC on relationships though.
    jessy: Seriously? My Sony is the leader in terms of battery life. It’s way better than all the Nikons I’ve had before where I had to carry TWO batteries.
    Kim: Olympus…sounds attractive, from the features you have commented on. 10 meters is pretty deep so unless it falls into the deep end of a swimming pool (or the sea), it should be alright. I think I’ve seen the ads for those.
    I haven’t used an Olympus before though, I wonder how good the photos are. I have noticed that Nikon CCD captures very warm images (high red hues) while Sony CCD captures very grainy photos (lots of noise) in low light conditions.
    Thanks for the offer, the thought is all that counts. Cheers Kim! Much love. πŸ™‚
    essentric: I would do you for free, but unfortunately canines are not included in the Terms and Conditions. The Fine Print (TM) says sexual favors are granted to females only. πŸ˜‰
    bengbeng: Very scary. Bitches are not included (unless it’s of the human variety). πŸ˜‰

  11. Huai,
    Yah well I’m “late onset atypical Bipolar I”, but somehow am “high functioning” and nothing major since 2004.
    Fortunately do not suffer from any major depression, though did have a deep crash and burn in 2004.
    For most part am even keeled and meditation or eastern perspective (or nondual view, which is really what Jesus had anyway) helps check extreme reactionary stuff to dualisms (or extreme dualisms of bipolar).
    In Manic Depression and Creativity – Hershman and Lieb it has essays on Sir Isaac Newton (gosh would not have gotten to the moon without laws of physics would we!), Charles Dickens, Beethoven and Van Gogh. And the West’s pre-eminent authority and researcher of Bipolar, and co-author of the medical manual on manic depression, Kay Redfield Jamison, is herself bipolar and mostly controls through lithium.
    Of course there is another book Manic Depression and Absolute Power: Brotherhood of Tyrants – Hershman and Lieb, about other famous bipolars, Napoleon, Churchill…Stalin, Mao and “H”.
    So yes, relationships can be rocky, although like Charles Dickens and his wife, they had similar issues, most of the English Poets were this way too (word clanging etc), so like sometimes ends up attracting like.
    In the east the rising energy (or “winds” lung in Tibetan) is called prana. If the channels (left and right, yin and yang) are wild and uncontrolled the person gets more extreme instead of bringing the energy into the central channel. In fact messing around with secret tantras on your own, or doing pranayama yoga without teacher, I’ve heard that what happens is the students go manic start running around naked (in a city, not just at the beach!)
    So don’t try this at home…
    Banging your channels to open them up, you might be in for quite a ride to the top of a mountain, and then have to sit in cold water (like Indonesian mystics do? Kebatinen) to come down….John the Baptist anyone?
    There is also descending effect too, typically symbolized as pale color or white (father energy). “I and my father are one” could mean also you’ve calmed the heck down and are all nondual (advaita) and stuff….
    Here is a typical Hindu representation of “duality” within and somehow reconciling it…shiva-shakti, ardhanarishvara…
    Also in Buddhist Tantras they talk of descending white bodhichitta and ascending red bodhichitta meeting at the heart, or heart chakra.
    In learning to control myself, have come to the conclusion that every single human being is “bipolar” it’s just a matter of extremes, and folks who get broken open like us, have more urgency to find the “middle path”…avoiding extremes, or igniting too much wind (mania).
    Sip not gulp. Don’t dash your foot against a rock when in throes of delusion.
    Also the alchemical representation of red stone/white stone making philosopher’s stone, and meaning of Yog/or Yoga meaning “union”, “Hatha Yoga” meaning SUN/MOON, and the red wine and white bread of the Jesus communion, if it isn’t all related.
    Yah know, if you lay the chakras on the side, it kind of looks like a Jesus fish…
    Or with the focus on the heart chakra in the middle of the 7 (i.e. God is Love) it kind of looks like the original 7 branched menorah in the Temple of Jerusalem…
    I guess we are a bit like Sir Isaac Newton, we can’t waste time in finding/expressing truth, occasionally fall into messianic (6th seal mode) mode and piss a bunch of people off.
    The center lamp of the menorah is called the “Shamash” or the servant lamp. Going the middle path in bipolar requires a degree of trust and surrender than everyone else will get it too, and eventually “maybe” less suffering.
    As Chiron’s advice to Perseus/Hurcules on how to defeat the Hydra (monkey mind)…
    To stand by kneeling, to conquer by surrendering, to gain by giving up
    Peace bro, it is inevitable we met, we’re just too damn curious and meddlesome. Equanimity is all in plain site for everyone to see.
    May everyone be happy
    May everyone be free of suffering
    May no one ever be separated from their happiness
    May everyone have equanimity, free of the extremes of hatred and attachment

    Om Mani Peme Hung

  12. clementwpy: The warranty doesn’t include abuse. πŸ˜‰
    I dropped it into the water and didn’t realize it until HALF AN HOUR later.
    Anyway, I ordered a new digicam from Mary already. T-300, the latest Sony. I was considering this and the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW, which I probably should get but I like a touchscreen now. *shrugs*
    The only complaint I have with Sony digicams is that it doesn’t take good night photos…and I kinda wanted the Olympus for this Wet & Wild Pool Party I’m going to this Saturday, so it would be nice to hang it around my neck and take photos from INSIDE and UNDER the pool. Then again, I thought how many times I would go to places like this (which is quite often, considering the times I travel to water filled places). Oh well, stick with Sony. πŸ™‚

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