RIP Sony T70 – Burial at sea (or in waterfall)

t70 rip

I think I’m having a streak of bad luck coz my digicam fell into the water while I was getting my towel in Sebangkoi Country Resort during the weekend and it remained submerged for at least 30 minutes before we realized it was missing and went in search for the renegade device. It was finally found in the rocks below two feet of water.

I had thought someone else had nicked it and was so thankful that at least the memory card (which contained all the photos) was intact and would likely be readable (despite the fact that the entire body was dripping with water). It is a testament to Sony digital camera’s resilience that it was STILL working after letting it dry out for 8 hours behind the suite’s fridge.

The digital camera worked (despite a really slow start up time) the next day and I was able to get it working on Monday morning too before it finally died on me just now, citing a “For use with compatible battery only” error message before automatically shutting down. I really need a new digicam and would have to get a new one tomorrow.

t70 dead

Sigh…and I just got this one about two weeks ago which made it’s lifespan cost about RM 84 per day. I used up two digicams in a single month and I’ll have to get a new one tomorrow. Three digital cameras in a month. Jesus, I think I’m going to need sponsorship soon.

Contribute to the digicam fund:
Maybank Account Number: 111057185005
Name: Poh Huai Bin

You can just use the CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) at all Maybank branches. Sponsors will be granted sexual favors. πŸ˜‰

I’m kidding. Seriously though, it would help finance the purchase if someone helps out. That really is my bank account number and with my lifestyle, it’s current balance is about RM 371.42. πŸ™

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