Sony T-300

sony t300 box

I just got my new digicam from Mary whom, due to her tau keh nio connections, got me a special price which I’m not allowed to disclose. I was actually pondering about getting the Sony T-300 and the Olympus 10 meter waterproof digicam but I concluded that the latter would be too bulky for everyday carrying.

sony t300 mary

She got it for me at the dealer’s price (which is much cheaper than retail) but with strings attached. Not very simple this Mary. 😉

sony t300

Thus, I am now the owner of the Sony Cybershot T-300 digicam with 4 GB of memory (with the additional 2 GB from the defunct Sony T-70 and the battery).

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63 thoughts on “Sony T-300”

  1. wow u always get good things from good people with good price. what string attached? i want to if that string means i must eat crepes every day. cos i m nearby kokobelly, DM.

  2. *offers his secure water-proof zippered pocket next time HB involuntarily decided lose/submerge/break it*
    Teeheehee 😀
    Get yourself one of the Aquapac waterproof cases next time you go near the water. It’d save you lotsa new cameras.

  3. non-related to crepe or crap or crabs.. this is called bartered system. I get him good price, he help me sorting out my hosting. 🙂
    BengBeng: My whole face looks so swollen u say good ah? hmmmm then u must be prefer the chubby looks.

  4. I’m going to a pool party in a bit so I’ll reply all the comments tomorrow. Let’s home this digicam doesn’t fall into the pool…

  5. goolooloo: I was trying hard not to fall asleep with the combination of you know what. 😉
    Kim: Really? I’m sorry. Is it a common problem or did my host just mysteriously go down then? I noticed that problem with the current host I’m using. It has a tendency to go offline several times during the day.
    suituapui: The deal was that I had to be her sex slave for 2 years. Exclusively. 😉
    No lah, seriously, just helping her out with some blogging stuff.
    bengbeng: Mary always looks good. 🙂
    (=’.’=): Where do you work? You gotta email me at and come out during our blogger meets.
    Darren: I’m even putting it in a pouch, which I never do with my previous cameras when putting it in my pocket. 🙂
    al’sera: Yeah, I was considering the waterproof Olympus but it’s kinda bulky for daily carrying.
    goolooloo: Eh, why you change the terms and conditions? I thought it was being your sex slave for 2 years? 😉
    Franz: The Sony Premium T300 is my new baby. I’m not parting with it. 🙂
    willchua: I was thinking along the lines of getting Sony to sponsor me for being such a loyal customer. Three (3) Sony compact digicams in a month. T2, T70 and now Premium T300.

  6. Franz: Yeah, I was considering the T2 and the T200 for my first digicam out of rehab and went for the former coz I know it would break or lose it somehow and I knew the T300 was coming out soon. 😉
    Sure, when I go to Miri. 🙂

  7. Darn, I didn’t know T300 was coming out. Otherwise I would’ve waited. Aye, how come my previous message came out alang alang one? There are some other stuff I said after “T300 came out not long after I got the T200 >.”

  8. Franz: Hmm…it must have been the last character. Could be a break line of some sort. The comments are allowed to have basic HTML code so it could have thought that it was the open quote to something which didn’t exist.
    You should read for digicam news. 🙂
    Let me try. >. Text here.

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