Ipoh Town Kopitiam

ipoh town kopitiam

Ipoh Town Kopitiam is a hugely successful franchise that takes the old skool kopitiam (coffee shop) concept and markets it to the new generation. Gone are the rickety stools and chipped marble tables, replaced with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. I went to the beach during my last day in Miri and we dropped by the Ipoh Town Kopitiam to get a hot cup of coffee before heading back home.

ipoh white coffee

Ipoh Town Kopitiam is plastered with informative wall length displays on the origins of the franchise and introduces Ipoh White Coffee. Ipoh White Coffee is associated with Ipoh and is a mixture of “white” and “black” coffee blended in the traditional Malaysian method originating from Old Town Ipoh.

ipoh town kopitam interior

The franchise serves a wide range of traditional kopitiam food such as soft boiled eggs as well as a variety of tea and coffee. The ambiance of Ipoh Town Kopitiam is reminiscent of the golden old days of ye olde coffee shops, which has been popularized nowadays with other franchises like Cuppa Kopi Roti.

Ipoh Town “Cham” Coffee Tea Mix (RM 2.20)

ipoh town cham

I ordered the Ipoh Town Cham. Cham is the Hokkien word for “mix” and it’s a hot drink consisting of equal amounts of coffee and tea. It tastes pretty good actually and warmed me up after my swim at the beach in Miri (and later being rained on). I was also wearing a wet pair of swimwear under my clothes so I appreciated the heat from the drink.

Ipoh Town White Coffee (RM 2.20)

ipoh town white coffee

Faye had the iced version of the Ipoh Town White Coffee despite the heavy rain (which was what drove us from the beach in seek of shelter in the first place). She later denied ordering it and promptly appropriated my drink…despite the fact that my swimming trunks were still wet under my pants and I was literally freezing my balls off.

ipoh town us

Guess which blog the Pocket PC is logged on to?

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8 thoughts on “Ipoh Town Kopitiam

  1. Eh don’t know they also open at Miri, over here at kch their branch are at Boulevard. Been there few times and sorry to say thumbs down nothing rev even the ordinary kopitiam taste better

  2. err.. you can always see me there if you come around 6-7pm. that’s my regular dinner place. I am always wearing black and alone. hiding at the conner and drink calamasi.(if i spelled that right)

  3. Roland: Yeah, they’re also open in Miri. I have to agree that the coffee is nothing to write home about but I like the concept – kopitiam in a nice, air-conditioned setting with modern amnieties like WiFi.
    Darren: I haven’t tried the food over there. I did notice some interesting fusion combinations on their menu though but we had to eat lunch in about an hour so I didn’t order anything.
    Wilson: I did the first time. Faye actually got my digicam wet THE DAY I BOUGHT IT by splashing me with sea water. I had to use her Pocket PC cam to take photos while the water vapour dries from INSIDE the lens. It took about half an hour and then I went back to take photos (putting on my Speedo again) and got a couple of photos before it started to rain and it rained hard so I didn’t have time to dry off before putting my clothes back on and jumping back into the car and heading over to Ipoh Town Kopitiam.
    evil feline: Oh, I’m off by a few hours. Do you live around that area? Yeah it’s calamansi lime if I’m not mistaken.
    Why do you eat alone? If you don’t mind me asking, since it’s bit of a personal question. I know some people like eating alone, personal preference thing and all that.
    Marlboro Guy: I think it’s an intentional…er, replication of the Ipoh Old Town Cafe. ;)
    jessy: Brazil is one of the primary exporters of coffee, no? I love coffee, I drink a lot every day.

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