Ode to the Stickman


The key to juggling things in life
Being able to be happy and shine
To not get bogged down by strife
And be in a positive frame of mind

The art of balancing work and play
Or just to be happy in school today
Is to not let your thoughts stray
And take what life offers day by day


I wake up early every morning
Just to shower and get ready for work
It all seems a little bit boring
Especially with my manager being a jerk

When I’m feeling especially down
I take a break and log on to Compaq City
And in doing this I’ve found
Makes everything a little more pretty


I walk down Play Avenue
Just to meet up with the Compaq Stickman
Who’s always there for me in his red hue
I think I’m getting to be his biggest fan

A game or two on Work Street
Gets me through the dreary day
I think it’s my biggest treat
When I get high scores, hey!


I take a virtual stroll down Learn Boulevard
To answer the questions before time runs out
Being a graduate, I didn’t think it was that hard
But the questions sometimes make me pout

I like the Compaq range of product
And in fact I own one myself too
My Presario notebook is on till it gets dark
I only shut it down when it’s one or two


It has never given me a problem
And I don’t think it will give you any too
Compaq is much more than an emblem
And I’m not just saying that coz they told me to

My Compaq and me are pretty tight
It’s affordable and it looks mighty fine
Check it out on their website
The Presario starts at just RM 999

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15 thoughts on “Ode to the Stickman”

  1. few days ago u were a cook n now a poet! so u still reply to every comment like years before, u freak! but i like that πŸ™‚ .Actually i owe u something hb, u still remember your SMER(?)project years ago? that survive with rm250 per month that one? that time i promised to sponsor u some food (!) but lastly i didn’t, actually i did bought them, but last minute chicken out when i was about to send them over…well, it’s meaningless now but i just felt i want to tell u. make me feel better! i have catched up all your post since your mar’08 return, back on track! πŸ™‚

  2. HB, you should and is wearing many hats. Muti tasks is now way of life for many people everywhere. You might say it a new age life style. Are you on computer and listening to music and eating and also reading a mag. or book all at the same time? It sign of a person who want to go far in life and be a important person.

  3. Hey, that me also. On computer, reading a book and listening to music, got tv on also eating on cell with my main girls ( 3 ways). Always asking “What cracking with them?” They saying “Just chilling in my crib”.

  4. Multi tasking has always been me. Try to get as much done in a short order of time. Do try to be successful in all my task. Cooking, on cell, listening to music, writing things. Guess that how many people are these days. Oh yeah, toss in got clothing in washer and dryer also.

  5. Simon Seow: Yeah, and at a pretty reasonable price range too. I am using a HP notebook as well, a widescreen version, as my main blogging PC. It cost quite a bit when it first came out though, 3k plus, the ones now are cheaper.
    skittles: Er…they actually are. This is an advertorial, it’s under the Live! Tonight! Sold out!! category. πŸ˜‰
    meimei: Very true…I need to remember that coz I have trouble on all aspects in that poem.
    owllow: Hello there! Yeah, I still do reply to every single comment. I remember the 200+ comments I had to reply in 2006, that took up about two hours, me thinks. Harrowing…
    Thanks for the gesture mate, it’s the thought that counts and I really appreciate that! Cheers! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for reading and have a great day, my friend.
    Erica: I can’t multitask on certain things but I switch tasks really easily. I can’t write when I’m on the phone, that’s one thing I know for sure, since the creative part of my brain needs to be concentrating. I can write on music, with noise, and just about anywhere (since I block everything out and am in my own world when I blog) but I can’t maintain a conversation and blog at the same time. A few of my ex-gfs have commented on that. πŸ˜‰
    Shelly: Hmm…if it’s a book I really like, I want to read it in silence, preferably while lying down or at least reclining. Nothing like reading a good book in peace. πŸ™‚
    Matt: I can multitask in the car. πŸ˜‰
    I have been known to drink, smoke, talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time. Unfortunately, due to the usage of both hands (one for the drink and the other for the cigarette) and my cell supported to my ear by my shoulder, I was basically steering with elbows and ran into a bike. Oh well, so much more multitasking in the car.
    Cheesie: Hello there Cheesie! πŸ™‚
    Your Cheeseroll is very cheesilicious.
    essentric: Haha! I’ll love to go to KL and crash at your place and eat cheese balls. πŸ˜‰
    suituapui: It took me an hour and five (5) cups of coffee. I have written 3 others in different formats before this was approved. This was the hardest advertorial I had to work on, not coz of the poem but coz of the number of complete re-write.
    Thanks for the kind comments, my friend.
    I’m using a HP myself, (Compaq and HP merged into a single entity), I find it alright, it’s a widescreen model with great sound. It doesn’t crash on me like my Asus (which died on me due to overheating) so I’ll say Compaq is a pretty good brand.


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