Happy Monthsary!


The 28th of September, 2008 marks our first monsaryHappy Monsary, Melody! 🙂

The etymology of monsary from an amateur etymologist:

Monsary is a concatenation of the words “month” and “anniversary” and it has entered my vocabulary through a friend. A quick Google search revealed the usage of this term amongst certain demographics in the Philippines. It’s the first time I’ve heard about it and perhaps a social indicator that our relationships don’t last very long anymore in today’s fast paced, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) world. Relationship anniversaries have gradually shifted over time from annual to monthly, and I’m not sure that’s a good indicator.

Daysary anyone? 😉

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48 thoughts on “Happy Monthsary!”

  1. Tan Yee Hou: Yeah mate, I hope you find happiness as well. Like the song goes, and above all this, I wish you, love.
    It’s true that love can change a person. I’m drinking less, smoking less and cutting down on my…er, insomnia solutions.
    Cheers buddy. I will be in KL on the 10th coz my sister’s wedding (seriously, this time) is on the 11th. See ya guys then.
    Choonie: Yeah, that’s Melody. I only have one girlfriend. I’m not as promiscuous as everyone thinks. :p
    She’s a very nice girl, pretty, intelligent and speaks good English, all attributes I look for in a soul mate. Intelligence and kaizen rates very highly in my ranking. She’s very conscious about constantly improving her knowledge and so am I so we’re well suited to each other. 🙂
    Pixeldoll: Thanks! 🙂
    Your well wishes are much appreciated. Melody could be The One, we’ll see how it goes. I’m glad I’m getting into a normal life routine again. 🙂
    Myst3 a.k.a fucking boring: Dude, then don’t come back. I won’t be slitting my wrists or posting about drugs anymore…that’s all in the past. People grow up. I don’t want to be the bad boy drug addict blogger anymore. I want a normal life, and if you can’t accept that, then I won’t force you too.
    veritas is dead.
    I have a normal life now, and I want to maintain that.

  2. The funny thing is
    me and my friend both got in a relationship yesterday (28/8) and monsary was in the conversation. I googled it and this happen to be first on the list. Clicked on it and what a coincident that we all have the same monsary.

  3. Thingy: It seems to be a term originating from the Phillipines. At least that’s how I got to know the term. 🙂
    Eh, this relationship has passed it’s use by date. RIP.
    We USED to have the same monsary. 😉

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