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kl nasi lemak

You know, back where I come from, very few people could claim they had nasi lemak for breakfast. Sibu is a cultural abnormality – it looks predominantly Chinese (although the population census will tell you it’s predominantly Iban) so the usual breakfast is noodles or something to that effect.

kl nasi lemak van

Well, over here in KL, I’ve been eating a lot of nasi lemak. I’ve actually grown quite fond of this stuff, craving it even. I look anxiously out my condo window at 7 am sharp every morning to spot the nasi lemak vendor pulling up in his trusty old van and rush down to buy some while it’s still warm.

I still remember a snippet of conversation that occurred the first time I went:
Nasi lemak man: Ada apa lagi?
HB: Ketam. (Crabs)
Nasi lemak man’s wife: Ketam tak ada, tapi kerang ada. Si ham. (We don’t have crabs but we have clams)
HB: Oh ya, kerang. Brain not functioning today.

I love the couple, they’re very friendly people with a great sense of humor. I’ve seen a lot of people from the neighborhood offices purchasing his warez too. Nasi lemak for breakfast is pretty common over here in KL. I’ve grown to love the stuff – I like it with clams (kerang, not ketam), lots of sambal, a fried egg and a piece of chicken drumstick.

kl nasi lemak macro

It’s pure artery clogging goodness! πŸ˜‰

(which I’m sure I’ll regret when I’m 50 and my cholesterol level starts to soar)

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36 thoughts on “The KL breakfast”

  1. i love nasi lemak too! esp this type of small pack one with mini banana leaf, love it with prawn and petai too, and sometimes beef rendang…yum yum
    ps: i am not 50 and my cholesterol is already soaring

  2. Man, Can’t find it in San Francisco just drool over it. Nearest food to Southeast Asian is Vietnamese food some Thai and Burmese. Malaysian not much at all so seeing those type of food of your homeland make people want to hop on plane to Malaysia.

  3. I don’t know why but even though I’ve been living here for almost 5 years, the nasi lemak for breakfast hasn’t got me addicted yet. I don’t even have nasi lemak for breakfast more than 5 times a month! Surprisingly… And maybe you should try ketam with nasi lemak. might be a new trend.

  4. i love them too.. but u might want to cut them a little bit, as u dun hav to wait till u r 50. i am in my twenties, but my cholesterol level is soaring like eagle! i kid u not!

  5. you know my office is just next door, right? hehe i know this couple. i used to buy from them ALL THE TIME. but nowadays i don’t keep usual office hours, so it’s hard to buy from them.

  6. I’m at the TMpoint in Kelana Jaya. Just got stopped by a road block for not wearing my seatbelt.
    Roadblock at U turn from Kelana Jaya LRT station back to Jalan Bahagia leading to Giant LDP.
    Cost me RM 50. πŸ™
    KL police eyesight 20/20, I tell you.
    Full details tomorrow.

  7. supermummy: My gf eats muesli for breakfast. I’m not a big fan of the stuff. I like oily, greasy food. πŸ™‚
    xin: Hey, welcome to the club! πŸ™‚
    I’m 27 and have extremally high cholestrol levels even during the time when I was really thin. The stuff I eat. Heh!
    essentric: I start work on the 1st of December. Next Monday. I’m getting everything sorted out first – the last thing is Streamyx, which is really taking it’s time. Problem with a previous person using the same tel number that was assigned to me.
    KY: It was too early for full cerebral function. πŸ˜‰
    TNH: You know, the best nasi lemak I’ve had isn’t from nasi kandar shops or food stalls but these kind of operations – family runs portable stall from the back of a vehicle, usually a van.
    dragonfly: Where? Where is this elusive nasi lemak antarabangsa?
    Robb: Haha! Yeah, it would be funny. I kinda mixed up the term for crab and clams.
    I am going to go swimming every day after work once my flesh stapling gets better. Probably start next week.
    Amy: Yeah, these kind of home grown family businesses are the best.
    eiling: Haha! I can boil my own crab and buy a packet of nasi lemak from the pakcik downstairs. See how it goes. Clams works better though due to the heavier taste.
    Seriously though, the van vendor attracts office workers from the nearby offices in droves.
    Pixeldoll: I love the sambal! I like it hot.
    It’s what makes or breaks the nasi lemak. This stall has good sambal, very very hot and I always ask for extra sambal.
    Rambling Mind: Okay, will check it out. Gotta be careful with my photos. It seems that people can decipher where I live from my photos.
    alexallied: It’s there on the very bottom of the last photo. Covered with sambal. πŸ™‚
    cbenc12: Yeah, I know. Has a lot to do with our diet. I have a very high cholestrol level, ever since I got checked out at 25.
    xes: Okay, will do. I also know of Nasi Lemak Famous and Nasi Lemak Ganja. Good nasi lemak too. πŸ™‚
    xSean: Okay, don’t name the condo, ya. Will like a bit of privacy. Thanks dude.
    You staying nearby too?
    suanie: Are you serious??? You’re working at the same place as ST? Hey, we can do lunch or dinner then, if you’re free. Cheers!

  8. “(which I’m sure I’ll regret when I’m 50 and my cholesterol level starts to soar)”
    The combination of wit and irony that is signature to this blog!
    *chuckles* worrying about cholesterol…

  9. Haha! You’re the only one that got that, mi amigo. Cheers!
    There are much more pressing health issues that things like…cholestrol.
    Liver cirrosis for one. Renal failure. Can rattle off half a dozen conditions. Heh!

  10. no worry, i will not name it but i think quite many ppls will know that condo if stay around pj.
    actually i stay around ming tien foodcourt there…quite near to your condo.

  11. OMG, I missss nasi lemak πŸ™ And pffft. Now only I find out that SUANIE(!!!), you work super close to where I used to work (Unitar). I worked there for close to 5 years and I never knew. Now that I’m thousands of miles away, baru I find out, otherwise sure ajak you yumcha or something.
    HB, you live in KP(i) eh? πŸ˜‰ Lots of “activities” happen there.
    Oh, you should try the rojak opposite the small Giant (oxymoron, I know, hehe). Its yummyyy. Ask for the sotong version since you dont care abt cholestrol πŸ˜›
    There used to be this lady with a tudung+half face purdah who used to sell nasi lemak right in front of KFC (same row as small Giant). Her rendang was OMGGG awesome.

  12. Dude, in Kuching, it’s either kolo mee or laksa for breakfast. In KL, you are spoilt with choices. Do go easy on this lemak loaded stuff. You may also want to check out this popular nasi lemak stall called “Cikgu” which is nearby Giant hypermarket in Kelana Jaya.

  13. Hey Amy Girl,
    Here a recipe for that dish. Someone from Malaysia got to open a restaurant in San Francisco people will standing in line to try Malaysian food.
    It on About.Com hope you enjoy it.

  14. heh. yeah. i thought you were living somewhere else but he told me that you are… err where you are πŸ˜› i live nearby also. well, whenever you are free lah . you have my number πŸ˜€

  15. Tz: Yeah, I love clams with sambal too. Enak gila.
    xSean: Thanks buddy. Hey, we’re just nearby. Meetup sometime soon ya.
    whimsicaljottings: Yeah, that’s exactly where I work! Not UNITAR per se, but very very close. Nope, I’m not in Kelana Puteri or Putera. Someplace else. πŸ™‚
    anak pak lah: Yeah, will do. Thanks for the tip, if I can find the place. πŸ™‚
    suanie: Definitely next week ya?
    Darren: I get diarhea all the time too but I still love it to bits. Haha!
    xin: Why are you on a diet? Eat with us.
    benjy8769: Hmm…once in a while, but I’m in my nasi lemak phase now. πŸ™‚
    eugene: My blood pressure right now is even higher than that. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the concern though.

  16. those nasi lemak is seriously some good shyte. i dream of it every night since im overseas fucking long time. i call it nasi lemak bomb. coz its da bomb. everytime i see plastic foldup table in d morning selling those awsome shyte i stop wat im doin and shoot ther n say; nasi lemak satu, nasi tambah, sambal tambah, kerang tambah banyak banyak tau!, telur satu. den nasi tambah lagi, kerang lagi. normally the brown paper will be bursting, will cost like rm7 or 8, shit il pay rm50 bucks for that shyte here man. the kerangs is like some godsent. there aint got no f’n kerang wher i am now and im depressed. farking seafood they say famous here summore. dissapointment. but anyways… u fucker, now u put nasi lemak picture liddat i whole night drooling how u wan me settle. sigh. Fuckk all the fancy nasi lemak type they sell in hotel mdm kwan type shyte, the truth is.. nasi lemak bomb is d bomb, aint got no 2 way. KERRRAAAAAANNNNGGGGGG….like d gwailous say it.


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