I went to DucKing at Jaya One for our monthsary dinner on Friday night. DucKing (“The Different One”) seems to be wordplay on the story The Ugly Duckling (which turned out to be a swan if you forgot your Hans Christian Andersen).

ducking montage

DucKing is packed pretty much all the time – we waited 15 minutes for our turn to be seated, but the waitress was gracious enough to let us in when she couldn’t contact the previous two ahead of us on the queue list. There seem to be some problems with communication though – I got four calls during dinner saying that my seat is ready and I told them each time that I was already inside.

ducking menu

Price for this menu: RM 1,500 ++. I have been trying to spot this when I saw it on Cheesie’s blog and true enough; it’s in there. Haha!

ducking wine

I ordered INTIS (RM 78) an Argentinean Merlot meaning Sun God. It’s the cheapest wine on the menu – I haven’t started working yet, tomorrow is my first day at work so we figured we needed to conserve our funds. My girlfriend went for the Chinese tea, although she had a small amount (slightly more than thimble sized) of red wine as well.

ducking duck tongue

You can’t go to an establishment named DucKing and not order duck so for the appetizer, we had the Marinated Duck Tongue with X.O Sauce (RM 16.80). It tasted surprisingly good, I can’t remember ever having duck tongue before. This one is served with the tendon (bone?) under the tongue intact, and the slight crunchiness adds to the appeal.

ducking peking duck

Next on the menu was the Beijing Duck Two Varieties. I ordered 1/2 a duck. It’s RM 38.80 for 1/2 a duck and RM 62.80 for a whole duck. I love Peking Duck, especially the process that goes with it. Unfortunately, DucKing does not have the chef carve the skin off the duck in front of you.

ducking beijing duck

Peking Duck comes in four (4) dishes – the crispy roasted duck skin, the paper-thin flour wrap, spring onions and other vegetables for garnish and flavor, and the sauce itself.

ducking duck montage

Basically, you take one flour wrap and place a piece (or two) of crispy roasted duck skin on top before adding some spring onions and dousing it with sauce. It is then wrapped like a tortilla. There is some debate about whether the sauce goes on first, but I prefer it just before I wrap up the entire thing.

ducking duck wrap

The Peking Duck at DucKing is great! I love the soft, fragile flour wrap. I’m amazed at how tissue paper-thin it is. Excellent.

ducking bun

Beijing Duck is usually served in two or three courses – the skin in wrap, the meat cooked with vegetables and the bones in soup. Most establishments nowadays do away with the third installment though. DucKing gives you the choice of a wide range of preparations for the second course – we opted for the Deep Fried Bun with Roasted Duck Meat & Black Pepper Sauce (RM Included in the price of Beijing Duck).

ducking vegetable

The vegetable component of the food pyramid is completed with Braised Baby Kailan with Crab Meat (RM 28.80). DucKing cooks this dish with egg and starch and they’re very generous with the crab meat – it’s definitely proportionate with the price. There are huge chunks of whole crab meat inside the dish. Very nice indeed.

ducking abalone

For the last dish, we indulged in the Braised Abalone with Shimeji Mushroom and Broccoli (RM 72.80). The abalone is indeed cooked to perfection and matches the sauce well. The mushroom is paired perfectly with the abalone and came out juicy and tender. I used the broccoli to mop up the sauce, that’s how good it was.

DucKing does a very brisk business and the food is good, although it comes out very fast, suggesting mass production (or a chef with really deft fingers). The bill came up to a total of RM 280.85 but the bulk of that is from the wine and the abalone.

ducking us

Happy monthsary, dear! Love always.

Yes, that is our couple t-shirt and also the distinctive look of a bulge in my abdomen from eating excessively these few weeks. πŸ˜‰

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28 thoughts on “DucKing”

  1. slumbeRAJA: Heh! I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it. Hmm…I usually don’t notice the minor details in photos, it’s usually the readers who points it out. Haha!
    FeiJi: Gabriel right? I didn’t see you. I was seated on the first floor. Where were you at?
    Yatz: Yeah, it’s amazing eh? Canton-i and Kim Gary isn’t exactly cheap either but it’s packed most of the time as well.

  2. HB, Merlot was good pairing with roast duck. Any red wines is fine with duck. I like chardonary, pinot noir or bordeaux. When I serve duck confit at home I use merlot also. That duck bun it seem somethings my mom make time to time is very nice.
    Those dishes are the pretty much the same kind of cooking my mom learn since family in Chinese restaurants business. Glad you share entry to all bloggers.

  3. I’ve heard of Ducking so many times but yet to try. I love the roasted duck skin without the flour wrap and stuff. Just eat it like the roasted skin of a suckling pig. Hehe…. Anyways, happy monthsary to you both!

  4. so much for food for 2! O_O
    want chef to skin the duck for u on the spot? most chinese restaurants (esp in hotels) do that. even ahyat abalone also

  5. purefaith: Yeah, I know, I’ve been busy with work. First day at work today, lots of stuff to do. Will revamp the About Me page soon.
    alexallied: I don’t know, can’t read Chinese. I would assume so for the price.
    Darren: The HK style quick service restaurants are really popular over here. The ones that tend to get packed all the time.
    cynthia: I think that’s the price for the menu (or recipe). πŸ™‚
    xSean: Well, it was our anniversary, so yeah, splurge a little.
    Vickie: Yup, this is pretty much Chinese/HK/Taiwanese food. πŸ™‚
    eiling: It tastes a bit overwhelming without the flour wrap but to each his (or her) own. πŸ™‚
    Just eat it like the roasted skin of a suckling pig. Hehe…. Anyways, happy monthsary to you both!
    xin: Yeah, most places do that. I was wondering why DucKing doesn’t. Perhaps it’s more of a quick service restaurant?
    Tz: Tasty indeed, especially the abalone. Abalone has no taste on it’s own, it’s the sauce that makes or breaks it.
    Pixeldoll: Thanks Pixeldoll! πŸ™‚

  6. Marinated duck tongue with XO sauce? You sure it is duck tongue? How come soooo long, look more like duck dick or duck lanciao….

  7. I love Peking Duck but haven’t had it since I moved here (KL) 4 yrs ago. Why dont they hv the soup with duck bones. I kinda like that one.
    I guess I’ll try out DucKing soon πŸ™‚

  8. I just had a very bad experience in Duck king yesterday. I went there through recommendations with my colleague. Not tryin to penalize their food here but coincidently both me and my colleague had food poisoning after sharing the portions together. It might have been an unlucky encounter for us as I do find the menu interesting though. Just have to be lucky the next time i guess…

  9. Poop: Didn’t have dessert, was too full.
    Paul Tan: I like DucKing too! Is that what the Chinese characters mean? I thought it means if you want the recipe for the entire menu.
    IcedNyior: Yeah, the three course presentation is the ultimate in authentic Peking duck.
    atsy: Food poisoining? At a place like this? Maybe you should take up the matter if you feel it really is them.

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