DKNY rebranding exercise

dkny dky

Spotted at 1U. DKNY rebranding exercise. Donna Karen is moving her operations to Yemen.

Industry pundits cite the high cost of operations in New York as a factor in the controversial decision.

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12 thoughts on “DKNY rebranding exercise”

  1. Donna Karen workout outfits are very popular in states. In San Francisco people are health addicts knows of Donna Karen. I got some of her outfits too. Do workout every mornings before heading to work.
    How you look is how you make of yourself.

  2. I have many clothing with Donna Karen labels on it.
    It the style and fit that make customers buy it. There many things with Donna Karen name on it. The designer of many things.

  3. Bought some DKNY Apple for a lady friend several years ago. Kind of pricey, even back then, though it it was very nice indeed. (it really smelled like fresh apples and spring flowers, very nice). Back then $80.US for @ 1/2 oz in an apple shaped spray bottle. A nice memory, even to this day, whenever I smell fresh apples, though our friendship did not last.

  4. DKNY! Many women out there like that label very much. Got jeans, shirts and workout outfits. Clothing that well made and good fit is what I go for. Rather invest in a well made and long lasting clothing.

  5. DKNY fashion I got. Watches, eyewears,and jeans. It not the label I go for it these are great well made clothing. I work hard for my money and like to buy anythings that last long time. Some time cheap is what you get cheap things that fall apart in no time.

  6. My friend gave me on my birthday a DKNY watch which I like very much. Now my wardrobe have many things that DKNY. It has two labels. One is Donna Karen other DKNY which style is more younger age group.

  7. Hey Vickie It Donna Karan. Many people also call her DK. Got a few (not just a few) DKNY handbags to my 50 pairs of shoes collection my last count of course.

  8. Now you done it! They can’t stop blogging about DKNY fashions. BUT since I am from San Francisco sadly to say got eyewears, watches and jackets that DKNY too.

  9. I try other brand of jeans it ok and also got DKNY stuff and it not bad at all. Jackets and shirts. Cost bit more but last longer.

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