theobroma CHOCOLATE Lounge


theobroma CHOCOLATE Lounge
is a dessert establishment specializing in everything chocolate. It’s an international franchise with outlets in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The first chocolate lounge in Malaysia that I recall was the popular chocz in Suria KLCC.

theobroma interior

Theobroma is located right in the middle of 1 Utama shopping mall’s passageway, much like it’s predecessor chocz. The setting doesn’t deter chocolate lovers from the lounge though, mainly due to the ample partitions and leather tub chairs, which is well insulated from the throngs of shoppers.

theobroma montage

Theobroma also sells a wide range of chocolate and cakes – it’s the place to be for people with a sweet tooth.

fair lady

I ordered the Fair Lady (RM 12.90) that came in a mug and warmer. It’s one of their specialties made with Belgian milk chocolate. The melted chocolate on the rim of the mug is not the result of carelessness, but the signature finish of theobroma. It’s rich and creamy, with the warmer keeping the drink hot throughout the experience.

fair lady macro

The Fair Lady comes with Belgian milk chocolate shavings down the middle of the frothy drink – a very nice touch. It melts as you consume it, due to the temperature of the beverage. It’s sinfully delicious, and comes highly recommended from me.

princess of iceland

Doris opted for the Princess of Iceland (RM 10.90) – a cold chocolate concoction with beautiful swirls adorning the sides. This Belgian iced chocolate beverage is made with dark and milk chocolate and comes with a scoop of premium chocolate ice cream on top. It’s thirst quenching, but I prefer my Fair Lady for pure, unadulterated chocolate pleasure. πŸ™‚

chocolate affair

We also ordered the signature Chocolate Affair (RM 25.90) – a chocolate fondue with four seasonal fruits for two people. Ours came with bananas, oranges, kiwi fruit…

chocolate affair strawberry

…and strawberries hidden at the back. A strawberry dipped in chocolate is a sweet and tangy contrast that has to be experienced at least once. The melted chocolate inside the warmer can also be consumed straight for a sugar rush or dipped with the marshmallows that come with the platter.

theobroma us

There is something not quite right about me feeding my girlfriend a banana and her reciprocating with a strawberry but I assure you that any innuendo is unintended. πŸ˜‰

theobroma splash

…even the Splash Damage (TM) that occurred when she accidentally dropped her strawberry down my pants.

theobroma end

theobroma CHOCOLATE Lounge is a great place for people with a sweet tooth. It’s a perfect destination for post lunch or dinner desserts and celebrates all things chocolate – which I’m told is better than sex.

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24 thoughts on “theobroma CHOCOLATE Lounge”

  1. Wow.. finally the true Melody revealed… hehhhee..
    I love chocolates so much, I even name my Blog , Cokelatrawkz, I nick myself Coki… ohhh if one day I land my butt at TheObroma?
    I’m gonna moan and scream, for having orgasmic reaction plus pleasures… whoaaaaaa!!
    L o v e
    C h o c o l a t e

  2. Hey, chocolate does makes girls horny and wanting for sex. Which is why the tradition of giving girls chocolate came up. Back then guys give girls chocolate because the scientist proved that chocolate will release endorphins that makes you yearn for sex. Hehe.
    I love chocolate and Theobrama looks and sounds good from your review. Besides how wrong can a shop that specializes on chocolate goes! Haha. Maybe i should pay a visit next two weeks when i’m in Kl. πŸ˜›

  3. Dude, Really like this entry. In America chocolate lovers everywhere. California have lot of chocolate factories & places too. But I enjoy reading all entries and learning of Malaysia cultures.
    I respect all bloggers comments some openly forwards other very nice. Now I know what she like and it CHOCOLATES!

  4. This is an entry I really like. Chocolate in everythings for me. Chocolate fonduce is the rage in many places and at home entertainment. Dark chocolate is more richer in taste and less sugar in
    it. French like dark chocolate in desserts.

  5. One of your best entries ever. Subject chocolate is most heavenly to all. Belgian dark chocolate is most popular every where. It is best seller now.

  6. Eh, you can recognize me with in a long sleeved black shirt and blue tie? Not bad. πŸ™‚
    Come over say hello next time. πŸ™‚
    Reply comments later, got an appointment to view a condo.

  7. hb,
    u moving to KL?got a new job?
    how is life?update me dude…i’m also planning to seek job in KL too.
    wow…staying at condo…u must be earning big money.

  8. Kiwie, bannana, orange, stawberry, and pinnapple chocolate fondue. Sounds great. Damn, gonna have to go eat the last of the halloween candy now, with a cup of warm milk (it’s about 37 degrees F here right now). Cheers HB.

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