Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens, MidValley

fong lye

…a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I hooked up with Ringo, KY and Xin and arranged for dinner at Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant. It’s been over a month and I realized I haven’t even blogged about it until I was browsing through my archives. I didn’t manage to get a shot of Fong Lye’s exterior too, coz the place was closing when we finally left. I have been meaning to reshoot the exterior without the shutters half closed, and went back last weekend.

fong lye interior

Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant is a franchise operation that is constantly packed, even late at night when we went. It’s pretty amazing how these Taiwan/HK/Chinese eating establishments can maintain such a high capacity in the current economic situation. The place is literally packed when we arrived. Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant has different seating arrangements to cater to different groups of people and we got seated at the corner before ordering our food.

fong lye pork

KY had the Pork Intestines Set Meal (RM 17.80) rated as spicy by Fong Lye. He was seated too far away for me to taste his meal but he thought it was pretty good. I can’t actually remember if I ate his pork or not, since we were staying at the Boulevard Studio Suite at that time and I took advantage of the free beer at the Executive Lounge.

fong lye dim sum

Ringo had the healthy sounding Hot & Spicy Dim Sum (RM 16.50) after most of what she ordered wasn’t available. I remember having some of her dish – it was pretty good, except for the tofu. I don’t like tofu. I’m more of a meat person but two pieces of something I had from her order was great.

fong lye beef

Xin, for some mysterious reason, did not order a main dish at all. She had the Beef Roll (RM 10.30), which we all had a piece so she was left with only two slices. It tasted pretty good though but a tad overpriced for what is tantamount to a souped up popiah.

fong lye beef noodle

Doris went for the Taiwan Braised Beef Noodle (RM 19.80). It is served with several side dishes, like most of the meals. The side dishes contain various snacks and vegetables and makes the presentation immaculate. The Taiwan Braised Beef Noodle is spicy and piping hot, with a rich broth that must have taken a herd of cows to make. 😉

fong lye chicken

I went for the Three Varieties of Supreme Diced Chicken (RM 19.80), which turned out to be the best dish of the night. The chicken is tender, and cooked to perfection. This dish is also amazingly spicy, something that always rates highly in my books. The chicken claypot is literally full of chillies!

fong lye chicken macro

I love this dish and would do a return visit to sample it again (despite it numbing my taste buds for a while). Those who tried it also agreed and pronounced it Good (TM).

fong lye dessert

Ringo also ordered this weird desert called Peanut Snow Mountain (RM 8.30) that we all shared. It tasted gooey and saccharine sweet and elicited quite a number of jokes related to scat (not skat, the card game, and certainly not scat as in “go away”). It was alright as a dessert though.

fong lye us

The total came up to a RM 151.35 for five people, inclusive of a beer on my end and drinks for everyone else. Fong Lye Restaurant is a great place that opens till (relatively) late so check it out at The Gardens @ Mid Valley if you’re into Taiwanese food. It’s definitely worth a try.

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27 thoughts on “Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens, MidValley”

  1. HB, Those food can be found in MRT Station subway malls food courts in Taipei. Price shocking very low. They have many restaurants in subway malls. Taiwan most famous is beef noodle soup and beef rolls. Thank for sharing your entry enjoy it very much.

  2. Dude Man, I see you like it very much in KL. For some reason your writing is more happy and looking forward to do and see many thing in KL. Hope you check out that film blog. I got to watch Bolt and Stephen Chow CJ7 and Journey to Center of the Earth.

  3. Avi: It looks alright if it’s not on MACRO mode. 😉
    Tan SY: Maybe si, maybe no.
    Eh, you don’t need to eat one izzit? Gotta teach people that buddy, do your part in helping world hunger!
    Vickie: Yeah, I heard Taiwan is a food paradise! I’ve gotta go there someday. 🙂
    Michale: I watched CJ7 during the Lunar New Year too. Didn’t think much of it though, prefer Kung Fu Hustle.

  4. Yeah I tried this outlet months ago. It was good but sometimes the queue can be frustrating especially when one is hungry! And the seating area is quite tight also because they try to maximise the capacity.

  5. yoyo! u know, i went back there again last fri, had your 3-cup-chicken,and another tomato egg n fish. and another snow mountain! yum yum. will blog about it next time

  6. Kind of shocking to see all that green on your site. I at first wondered if you had moved to Ireland 😉 Well, I bet it helps financialy and is good support for your writing career. I think HK is pretty good beer. They even sell it around here (NC) in 10 liter (2.5 gallon)”mini keggs”. I guess americans are as bad as the aussies, germans or brits when it comes to quantities of beer consummed. ( no offense intended to any one). Any beer is good beer, in my humble oppinion. I’m not a big fan of intestines though, (called “chitlins” here in the south east U.S.) I’ve ony ate them once or twice. That was enough for me. I guess it is an acquired taste, like tripe in spain, italy or mexico. I’d have to be starving to eat it again, although I have not had them prepared like in your picture. I bet I have eaten them, with out knowing it, in canned meat or vienna sausages. ( mustard and peppers will disgusie the taste of anything, you know, which is why I use it on my own cooking so often). Wish You Good Luck in your new job.

  7. eiling: Yeah, there are a lot of people going there for some reason.
    xin: Nice, I want to go back too but I’m scared of going to MidValley. I’m going to get lost.
    sean: Yeah, the food is good, which is what keeps the people coming back, I presume. 🙂
    chefmel: Yeah, and I’m now in KL. 🙂
    Come visit.
    Darren: Yeah, people will still spend on food. Eating is our national pasttime. 😉
    KY: Wah! You too. I plan on going back again too but MidValley is very confusing la. Oh, one of my coworkers told me that SS 2 is like one huge circle so even if I get lost, keep driving and I’ll come out somewhere.
    tom: Thanks tom! 🙂
    Yeah, it pays for the bills. I drink a lot too (and since it seems that people from work is reading my blog, I have to add a disclaimer now – only during weekends), and though beer is not my tipple of choice. I’m still on the Absolut 100 eiling brought back.
    Having said that, I drank a slab (24 cans) of 9% beer in the week before I started work. Now, that wasn’t very nice of me (to my liver). 😉

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