Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens, MidValley

fong lye

…a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I hooked up with Ringo, KY and Xin and arranged for dinner at Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant. It’s been over a month and I realized I haven’t even blogged about it until I was browsing through my archives. I didn’t manage to get a shot of Fong Lye’s exterior too, coz the place was closing when we finally left. I have been meaning to reshoot the exterior without the shutters half closed, and went back last weekend.

fong lye interior

Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant is a franchise operation that is constantly packed, even late at night when we went. It’s pretty amazing how these Taiwan/HK/Chinese eating establishments can maintain such a high capacity in the current economic situation. The place is literally packed when we arrived. Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant has different seating arrangements to cater to different groups of people and we got seated at the corner before ordering our food.

fong lye pork

KY had the Pork Intestines Set Meal (RM 17.80) rated as spicy by Fong Lye. He was seated too far away for me to taste his meal but he thought it was pretty good. I can’t actually remember if I ate his pork or not, since we were staying at the Boulevard Studio Suite at that time and I took advantage of the free beer at the Executive Lounge.

fong lye dim sum

Ringo had the healthy sounding Hot & Spicy Dim Sum (RM 16.50) after most of what she ordered wasn’t available. I remember having some of her dish – it was pretty good, except for the tofu. I don’t like tofu. I’m more of a meat person but two pieces of something I had from her order was great.

fong lye beef

Xin, for some mysterious reason, did not order a main dish at all. She had the Beef Roll (RM 10.30), which we all had a piece so she was left with only two slices. It tasted pretty good though but a tad overpriced for what is tantamount to a souped up popiah.

fong lye beef noodle

Doris went for the Taiwan Braised Beef Noodle (RM 19.80). It is served with several side dishes, like most of the meals. The side dishes contain various snacks and vegetables and makes the presentation immaculate. The Taiwan Braised Beef Noodle is spicy and piping hot, with a rich broth that must have taken a herd of cows to make. πŸ˜‰

fong lye chicken

I went for the Three Varieties of Supreme Diced Chicken (RM 19.80), which turned out to be the best dish of the night. The chicken is tender, and cooked to perfection. This dish is also amazingly spicy, something that always rates highly in my books. The chicken claypot is literally full of chillies!

fong lye chicken macro

I love this dish and would do a return visit to sample it again (despite it numbing my taste buds for a while). Those who tried it also agreed and pronounced it Good (TM).

fong lye dessert

Ringo also ordered this weird desert called Peanut Snow Mountain (RM 8.30) that we all shared. It tasted gooey and saccharine sweet and elicited quite a number of jokes related to scat (not skat, the card game, and certainly not scat as in “go away”). It was alright as a dessert though.

fong lye us

The total came up to a RM 151.35 for five people, inclusive of a beer on my end and drinks for everyone else. Fong Lye Restaurant is a great place that opens till (relatively) late so check it out at The Gardens @ Mid Valley if you’re into Taiwanese food. It’s definitely worth a try.

Xun Wei Taiwan Delicacy Review

xun wei taiwan delicacy

Xun Wei Taiwan Delicacy is an eating establishment
that recently opened up in Pending. I went there for lunch with Penny
and Lui Lee today. The menu has reportedly been spiced up so we decided
to check out the place.

xun wei lunch crowd

The proprietor of Xun Wei has lived in Taiwan for several years and
is married to a Taiwanese. He came back to open up this eatery
specializing in Taiwanese cuisine. The place seems to be doing brisk
business as it was fairly packed when we arrived.

xun wei steamboat

I noticed a gourd shaped recession in the middle of the table when
we were seated and I was informed that it’s meant for steamboats. Xun
Wei also serves steamboat for RM 10 for two people at night. That’s
cheap for a steamboat meal…

xun wei bubble coffee

I ordered Bubble Milk Coffee (RM 2.50) which wasn’t anything special. I thought it would have sago pearls in it, but it didn’t.

xun wei egg honey juice

I also had the Egg Honey Juice (RM 3) which Lui Lee
also ordered. It’s a wonderful concoction of eggs and honey. It came
out very creamy, with an extremely satisfying mouth feel. Don’t miss
out on this drink; words cannot express how great it tastes!

xun wei jasmine pearl

Penny went for the Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea (RM 3) which tastes like the standard Bubble Tea shop implementations. I’ll go for the Egg Honey Juice instead.

xun wei beef noodles

There are two signature dishes that Xun Wei Taiwan Delicacy offers. This is the Stewed Beef Noodle (RM 4.50) that Lui Lee ordered. Stewed Beef Noodle is a mainstay of Taiwanese cuisine.

xun wei spareribs rice

I went for the other flagship dish – the Spare Ribs Rice
(RM 5) which came with gravy on the rice and fried spare ribs. It also
had two types of vegetables which I didn’t like at all…but otherwise,
it tastes good.

xun wei tofu rice

Penny ordered the Spicy Tofu Rice (RM 5) which came
out looking like the rice based dish that I ordered. It seems that it’s
a Xun Wei signature to pour gravy over their rice. The spicy tofu is
really spicy, and that’s coming from me.

xun wei taiwan sausage

Finally, what is a Taiwanese meal without Taiwan sausages? πŸ˜‰

Xun Wei has a great implementation of the Taiwan sausage – it’s not
too oily, and came out just right. The prices at Xun Wei Taiwan
Delicacy are very affordable too…the bill came out to around RM 30
for the three of us. I can see why the place is packed every day around

Ting Noodle House

ting noodle house

This is Ting Noodle House which is purportedly Taiwanese owned and
operated. It’s supposed to have a chef from Taiwan and their menu has a
green star for authentic Taiwanese cuisine and a red star indicating
the spiciness of the dish.

taiwanese jasmine tea

We ordered the only green star beverage on the menu – Jasmine Green
Tea (RM 2.00), an unholy fusion of Jasmine tea and green tea, which
started out frothy but settled into a translucent liquid. It was good.

taiwanese dumplings

This is what we had for the starter. It’s Taiwanese Dumplings (RM
3.50). We chose the pan-fried version, and it comes in a set of six.
The dumplings are in a boat shaped receptacle with a ginger, chilli and
soy sauce dip bowl built into it.

taiwanese dumplings close

Here’s a close up of the dumplings – the insides are filled with
meat and some other unidentifiable ingredients. It’s good, the skin is
crisp and the filling is very substantial for its size. Goes well with
the sauce too.

taiwanese beef noodles

This is Stewed Beef Noodles in Soup (RM 4.00), recommended by the
proprietor and the flagship of this establishment. It’s has a spicy
soup base, thick hand pulled noodles, generous chunks of beef and a
smattering of vegetables to garnish the bowl. It tasted great.

The portions could do with a bit of work though…too small.

Hartamas Square @ Sri Hartamas

Hartamas Square

I just came back from supper at Hartamas Square at Sri Hartamas. I
was there for supper with Richard, Alice and my gf. I was already
inebriated before coming due to liberal amounts of vodka and the
consumption of a certain number. *cough*


I thought about what to eat (besides beer) and decided on this
Taiwan Pizza outlet, since the concept sounded intriguing to me.
Seriously man, I was that blur…I looked at the “Taiwan Pizza” menu
long and hard and was wondering why the menu doesn’t seem all that
Taiwanese to me. I finally saw something that looks good – Dragon Pizza:


It looked good in real life too, nice shape. It also looked a bit large for me to finish, until I poked it with a fork:


It deflated to a reasonable size then. It had egg, mushrooms (the
non magical kind, the soft mushrooms that’s flat and semi transparent
and gooey and tastes nice, can’t remember the name now), ham and
probably some other stuff.

Several large TV (plasma? LCD?) screens there.

Anyway, I only realized that it wasn’t Taiwan Pizza but Italian
Pizza when I was asked what I ate and I said “Taiwan Pizza” and they
were like “huh?” and I siad “Taiwan Pizza, over there” and Alice said
“That’s Italian Pizza” and I was sure it said Taiwan and I asked my gf
to look and she said it was Italian Pizza and then I looked harder and
it still registered as Taiwan and then I looked even harder and
well…it was Italian Pizza after all. Duh. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe I kept
on seeing Taiwan instead of Italian.

Harmatas Square is popular – packed with people.

I’m sleepy now, did more ah…numerical work when I got back, so here’s another shot of Hartamas Square:


Okay, I’m going into work tomorrow (willingly) so I’ll just finish
that bottle of vodka that’s been sitting in the fridge for…er,
several days and put another one in. Good night everyoine and have a
nice supper!


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