Xun Wei Taiwan Delicacy Review

xun wei taiwan delicacy

Xun Wei Taiwan Delicacy is an eating establishment
that recently opened up in Pending. I went there for lunch with Penny
and Lui Lee today. The menu has reportedly been spiced up so we decided
to check out the place.

xun wei lunch crowd

The proprietor of Xun Wei has lived in Taiwan for several years and
is married to a Taiwanese. He came back to open up this eatery
specializing in Taiwanese cuisine. The place seems to be doing brisk
business as it was fairly packed when we arrived.

xun wei steamboat

I noticed a gourd shaped recession in the middle of the table when
we were seated and I was informed that it’s meant for steamboats. Xun
Wei also serves steamboat for RM 10 for two people at night. That’s
cheap for a steamboat meal…

xun wei bubble coffee

I ordered Bubble Milk Coffee (RM 2.50) which wasn’t anything special. I thought it would have sago pearls in it, but it didn’t.

xun wei egg honey juice

I also had the Egg Honey Juice (RM 3) which Lui Lee
also ordered. It’s a wonderful concoction of eggs and honey. It came
out very creamy, with an extremely satisfying mouth feel. Don’t miss
out on this drink; words cannot express how great it tastes!

xun wei jasmine pearl

Penny went for the Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea (RM 3) which tastes like the standard Bubble Tea shop implementations. I’ll go for the Egg Honey Juice instead.

xun wei beef noodles

There are two signature dishes that Xun Wei Taiwan Delicacy offers. This is the Stewed Beef Noodle (RM 4.50) that Lui Lee ordered. Stewed Beef Noodle is a mainstay of Taiwanese cuisine.

xun wei spareribs rice

I went for the other flagship dish – the Spare Ribs Rice
(RM 5) which came with gravy on the rice and fried spare ribs. It also
had two types of vegetables which I didn’t like at all…but otherwise,
it tastes good.

xun wei tofu rice

Penny ordered the Spicy Tofu Rice (RM 5) which came
out looking like the rice based dish that I ordered. It seems that it’s
a Xun Wei signature to pour gravy over their rice. The spicy tofu is
really spicy, and that’s coming from me.

xun wei taiwan sausage

Finally, what is a Taiwanese meal without Taiwan sausages? πŸ˜‰

Xun Wei has a great implementation of the Taiwan sausage – it’s not
too oily, and came out just right. The prices at Xun Wei Taiwan
Delicacy are very affordable too…the bill came out to around RM 30
for the three of us. I can see why the place is packed every day around

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