Hartamas Square @ Sri Hartamas

Hartamas Square

I just came back from supper at Hartamas Square at Sri Hartamas. I
was there for supper with Richard, Alice and my gf. I was already
inebriated before coming due to liberal amounts of vodka and the
consumption of a certain number. *cough*


I thought about what to eat (besides beer) and decided on this
Taiwan Pizza outlet, since the concept sounded intriguing to me.
Seriously man, I was that blur…I looked at the “Taiwan Pizza” menu
long and hard and was wondering why the menu doesn’t seem all that
Taiwanese to me. I finally saw something that looks good – Dragon Pizza:


It looked good in real life too, nice shape. It also looked a bit large for me to finish, until I poked it with a fork:


It deflated to a reasonable size then. It had egg, mushrooms (the
non magical kind, the soft mushrooms that’s flat and semi transparent
and gooey and tastes nice, can’t remember the name now), ham and
probably some other stuff.

Several large TV (plasma? LCD?) screens there.

Anyway, I only realized that it wasn’t Taiwan Pizza but Italian
Pizza when I was asked what I ate and I said “Taiwan Pizza” and they
were like “huh?” and I siad “Taiwan Pizza, over there” and Alice said
“That’s Italian Pizza” and I was sure it said Taiwan and I asked my gf
to look and she said it was Italian Pizza and then I looked harder and
it still registered as Taiwan and then I looked even harder and
well…it was Italian Pizza after all. Duh. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe I kept
on seeing Taiwan instead of Italian.

Harmatas Square is popular – packed with people.

I’m sleepy now, did more ah…numerical work when I got back, so here’s another shot of Hartamas Square:


Okay, I’m going into work tomorrow (willingly) so I’ll just finish
that bottle of vodka that’s been sitting in the fridge for…er,
several days and put another one in. Good night everyoine and have a
nice supper!


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