Cactus Point @ Cameron Highlands


Cameron Highlands is known for its strawberries and roses but it also has a relatively obscure but healthy cactus industry going on.

cactus point

Cactus Point is a popular tourist attraction, and why not? Cacti are easy to take care of – they don’t need watering or any other affectionate gestures.

cactus spine

A cactus is a very lovable plant, with sharp spines protruding from every inch of its surface. I have a few sharp protuberances as well, so perhaps that’s where my affinity for cacti stems from. Pardon the lame pun.

cactus eat

You can break it open in times of dire need for water if your office or house is lacking. Or so I heard.

cactus camwhore

You can even camwhore with it.

cactus sale

Cactus Point has a wide range of cacti for sale…

cactus nfs

…and some marked NFS (Not For Sale).

cactus buy

Cactus Point has almost every species of cacti, according to the brochure. There are miniature versions as well – I bought some to bring back home. I’ll probably bring one to the office too.

I am now the proud owner of an evil looking cactus.

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28 thoughts on “Cactus Point @ Cameron Highlands”

  1. Yo HB! Post la the pic of your evil cactus that plots at nights to takeover the world!
    Haven’t troll your blog for a long time liao… still remember me? Now moved to Singapore after 3 years in Tokyo. How’s it going?

  2. Evil Cacti, ha, ha. Kind of like that old movie “attack of the killer tomatoes”. I think a cactus is to the plant world what a porcipine is to the animal world. All those sharp spines and needles they display says “don’t be f__king with me unless you want to be in a world of hurt”. Can’t think of a more bad ass plant, except for the “venus fly trap”, which actually eats the bugs that it attracts. A carnivore plant! Imagine biting into an apple and it bites you back. Nature sure can be weird. But wonderful to observe (at a distance, at least).

  3. Solid Shit.
    I freakin’ love your blog.
    It’s like everything I’ve envisioned to ever becoming
    I’m gonna stop blogging and start planning of a total SixthSeal takeover.
    Okay, no seriously.
    But I like your blog.:D Keep it up!

  4. Solid Shit.
    I freakin’ love your blog.
    It’s like everything I’ve envisioned to ever becoming
    I’m gonna stop blogging and start planning of a total SixthSeal takeover.
    Okay, no seriously.
    But I like your blog.:D Keep it up!

  5. auyongtc: Dude, it is planning to take over the world. It is forcing me to type against my will, threatening me with pain of multiple spikes in my skin. Good to have to back mate.
    CHOW FC: I read your post. Yeah, I reckon your kids would have enjoyed the more scenic Tapah route, with the waterfall and all. Hey, I was there on the same day as you and your family were. πŸ™‚
    Kai Hao: Unfortunately, we passed out (due to exhaustion, mind) and slept late and only managed to wake up for steamboat. Pasar malam was caused by then. Wished I had gone.
    Grant (Intensecure): Mate. I have…er, one of the above. Very small one though. Probably take years to mature to at least 1-2 feet for consumption. Shall do an er…trip report should you or anyone want to partake in it. πŸ˜‰
    neurol23: Unfortunately, they don’t have peyote there, probably coz it’s illegal in Malaysia.
    tom: I can still remember the theme song! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! πŸ™‚
    Very deep comments as usual my friend. Much appreciated.
    Jordan: Haha! Thanks for the kind compliments! πŸ™‚
    I shall keep it up. Cheers mate!

  6. I see they sell other plants there too. Guess you not in growing herbs for cooking? It a rage now in states. I have a indoor lamp for my plants and grew tomatos for San Francisco is very cold at times so warm apt is good for plant.

  7. ahhh…cactus..the plant for lazy people like me..
    i bought a few while i was in Ikea(yes, they sell cactus) in august and until today I don;t even bother to take care of them..i think they are still alive..(i guess?) will go home and check it out.

  8. Hi Huai Bin~ Is this the 1st time I posted a comment on yr blog? hahaha~ Well, u’d better welcome me cuz I guess I’ll be doin a lot of ‘this’ now. kekeke! & you you you, you and pricks, and needles. very interesting signs & semiotics connection, you EVIL CACTUS!!! ;P

  9. HB, besides bright light, cactus do need watering in order to survive! 2 times per week. Water until water dripping from the pot holes.
    Oe else, prepare to say bye bye to them.

  10. Ehhhh…. Isn’t there a place called “Cactus Valley” in Brinchang? That place, if i remember correctly, is much bigger than this Cactus Point. The cacti i saw there were a lot prettier than those featured in your post.

  11. Deal. Pity we can’t blog the experiences anymore – shame ;(
    We should get together for a drink sometime – come down to my cafe for a coffee and let’s have a chat :)I’m saner than I sound, LOL!
    NB: Current daily prescribed regime is 6mg Clonazepam (after 2 years use now, all on prescription – you know how hard it is to taper off these bastard things) and, regrettably, Zoloft for OCD. Withdrawing from Tramadol and alcohol again, and using Baclofen.
    (Feel free to edit/delete this post as much as you want! In fact, better for me if you do!)

  12. Jeff: Haha! Very punny. πŸ˜‰
    Michale (Mike): They sell a lot of things, even flowers. πŸ™‚
    Darren: It’s a perfect office decor. πŸ˜‰
    eric: Yeah, cacti are very hardy plants. You don’t have to do anything at all. πŸ™‚
    cwee: You drove all the way up so many times? Why?
    Jade Zheng: OMG! Cindy commented on my blog. I’m so honored. πŸ˜‰
    Wait, let me roll out the red carpet.
    Seriously though, yeah I like cacti coz they’re kind like me. A little bit prickly if you don’t know me well, but with nectar on the inside once you look past all the spines. πŸ™‚
    Wilson: Hmm…okay, I will be able to do that. Water once a fortnight. Office florescent lighting ok for it to survive?
    Lotus: It’s illegal in Malaysia. πŸ™‚
    worms: Yeah, there is. It’s just on the way to Big Red Strawberry Farm. I think the two places are operated by the same people. We decided to go to Cactus Point though coz we were on our way back to Tanah Rata.
    Grant (Intensecure): It shall be unedited. πŸ˜‰
    I’ll love to come down to your cafe. Where is the place? Email me, my friend.

  13. If in aircond room then water only once a week.
    You can actually get peyote form many nursery. Not many people know about it. Try search photo of Lophophora any show the photo to the seller.
    It is a round spineless cactus. Most of our seller don’t know its name is peyote.

  14. Wilson: Heh! Yeah, know what it looks like, had in it Melbourne, planning to make another trip up for some…er, decorative cacti for my condo. πŸ˜‰
    Grant (Intensecure): Awesome! πŸ™‚
    bardia: San Pedro, yes, very common. Peyote, can be found, not known potency. Will revert. πŸ™‚
    Chow Fook Cheong: Heh! Then this is a record. Oh wait, it is two years. πŸ˜‰


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