Breaking news: Osama bin Laden apprehended in Malaysia, transporting to Singapore tomorrow


I have just received word that Osama bin Laden has been apprehended and will be heading down (heavily guarded, of course) to Singapore at 10 am tomorrow morning. He will be making an appearance at the vPOST-Nuffnang Christmas Bash 2008 tomorrow night. I hear he’s staying at the Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road for the night.


Please do not expect the Osama bin Laden you’ve been used to seeing in the infrequent videotaped appearances he has made in channels like Al Jazeera. The US forces has shaved off his beard (and some of his hair) and made him take off his headscarf. He is expected to be blindfolded and restrained on his way to Guatemala Bay. He will also be wearing a military issue bulletproof vest instead of his usual camouflage jacket and his AK-47 will naturally not pass Singapore customs.

Osama bin Laden is so 2001, so thanks to Edmund, he has received a total makeover. I had a great idea for a 2008 Poh Huai bin Laden and the storyline that goes with it and his costume shop is a treasure trove to manifest my sudden fit of inspiration! πŸ™‚

The Nuffnang Malaysian bloggers are heading down to Singapore tomorrow.

See ya all in the Sin City! =D

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11 thoughts on “Breaking news: Osama bin Laden apprehended in Malaysia, transporting to Singapore tomorrow”

  1. HB, I hope you just playing the bloggers because it is very serious stuff regarding Bin Laden. Many friends lost their lives in the war at age 20 to 22 year old.
    Serving their country to bring justice for what happened. I wanted to join but being only son in family my parents glad I did not. I visited their graves and only remember times in past of them now.

  2. HB, well not sure in good taste and fun. Bin Laden is indeed the most evil of all person on earth. He think the All Mighty wanted it that way also. Hope he be in Hell forever. I am still deeply sad still for the crimes he commited .


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