Pizza Uno

pizza uno

Pizza Uno
is located at Centerpoint PJ, the center of the world. I went to Pizza Uno last night with Yee Hou, Suanie, Zoe, and Hannah. BTW, does Hannah have a blog?

pizza uno sangria

This is Sangria (RM 34), which according to the menu is a mixture of fruit juices, wine and brandy. The four of us had this, I won’t say which four coz one person is a minor. :p

pizza uno food

Zoe and Hannah shared the Alla Carbonara (RM 22).
I went for the Ravioli with Chicken and Mushroom Stuffing (RM 24) which is only available during weekends. Absolutely fabulous!
Suanie had the Deep Fried Whole Spring Chicken (RM 26), described as a tender young bird.
Yee Hou went for the Aussie Pizza (RM 32), which is rather authentic – it has egg on top.

pizza uno suanie

This chicken looks a bit obscene with its legs spread wide open like this.

pizza uno take out

This is the first time I’ve seen people take off their tongue piercings to eat – Zoe and Hannah does that.

pizza uno obc

Lainie joined us later and had the Oven Baked Chicken (RM 24). She didn’t even finish it.

pizza uno me

Here’s an anecdote from the night – some poor old soul came in and asked us for money for food. I offered her my slice of pizza but she declined. It seems that she prefers cold, hard cash. Heh!

pizza uno us

The Pizza Uno manager on duty chased her away politely after that – “Auntie, can you please not bother the customers?”. I thought that was pretty funny.

pizza uno four

The drawing of the four (with tongue piercings).

pizza uno panna cotta

This is the Panna Cotta (RM 8) we had for dessert. I forgot to bring my digicam, but lucky for me, Suanie practically lives at the mall (or close enough anyway) so all photos here – courtesy of her digicam. Thanks Suan! ๐Ÿ™‚

pizza uno feed

It’s not everyday you get the honor of being fed by Zoe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

pizza uno zoey 

Zoe sends her love.

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42 thoughts on “Pizza Uno”

  1. Long time reader of your blog. and I don’t really give a flying fuck if you publish this comment, cos since when the sixthseal’s reader needs approval to comment on his blog?
    Well, guess sometimes people change.
    We are glad that u r off the hook from drug. however, ur blog entries nowadays loses it’s cool factor. it’s just some photos (damn it took a loong time to load the page) and some writings about nothing.
    All we can see is this girl, that girl, this girl, that girl.
    You have no doubt one of the coolest blogs in the past, but nowadays, it reads just like one of the bimbo blogs. The only lacking is a pink background.
    I’m sure many past readers will agree with us on this. The cool thing is lost. And it’s not just about the drug. We don’t like the drugs.
    Suffice to say, you are losing what makes you unique in the first place.

  2. UNO is garbage…so much for Chicago Best huh? Basically they have the same menu just like everyone else….TGIF, Apple Bee’s, Ruby Tuesday and so on

  3. Dude, I know how you feel. I’ve been trying to get my mojo back too. But one year of working in Sibu has taught me self-preservation. I know it’s not about the drugs anymore, but can you quantify what makes my blog unique in the first place? The don’t-give-a-fuck attitude?
    Well, money talks and bullshit walks, that’s the truism of the world. There is a Chinese phrase – you don’t fight with money. Live with it.
    All these complaints about bands selling out and all that – it’s inevitable! $ is what makes the world go round.
    I have been taking pains to please my old readers yeah, substitute addiction. Food, alcohol, girls, whatever rocks your boat.
    BTW, I’ve never thought of myself as different from the days of old.
    It’s just part of the process of growing up.
    You read me, you grow up with me.
    It’s like bands. They’re not selling out per se, they just happened to grow the fuck up and sing (blog in this case) about different stuff.
    Cheers and thanks for reading.
    That said, I’m still tweaking my writing style. The best writing is to be published. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Seriously, thanks for the feedback. Thank you, Constant Reader.
    You know I care a lot about my old readers, the ones who’s been following me since veritas. I will do a lot for you all, since you are the ones who supported me from the get go, but there are limits to what I can do now. I’ve got a good career going and I’m not going to be the one who’s always sticking my neck out coz I have people I care about now. If you can’t respect that, at least understand my position. Cheers!
    P/S – Surprise on the 15th.

  4. Hey.. you seem to be at places near where i live.. and where i live. Will probably bump into you one of these days
    I love Pizza Uno’s garlic prawn pasta. darn now i want some!

  5. Thx for advertising Pizza Uno!(Okay, just joking) Well, my dad and the owner are friends, and I better tell her what such nice advertising you did and how you enjoyed the food!
    Oh! You should have tried the garlic sauce that came with the fried chicken. Dip with fries and you are in heaven man.
    Ah, how i miss the panna cotta. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. HB- I just got home (Western North Carolina – US) after visiting my sister and her family ( a 750 mile round trip by car.) I was there for 7 days. They have 4 grown kids, and 9 grand kids (mostly teenagers – Thank God I ain’t that age any more) and umpteen little kids. Lots of drama. I like to drink, but they do not any more, because my brother-in-law did 7 years in prison for selling coke ( Not the drink) and my sister likes the sauce (booze) alot (like me and my dad, who was state cop, and my mom who was from England and was not known for refusing a drink or two herself). I guess my point is, where ever you live, family is the most important thing, and they all can be pretty strange. Keep going HB. I won’t flame anyone, but I have been reading you blog for several years, and your stuff is worth reading. Tell “anon” to kiss your ass, grow up, and grow a pair. Hope you have a fantastic new year.
    P.S. I smoke and have the same color lighter as in the picture, but I smoke Pall Malls. Used to smoke Red Marlboros, they call them “cowboy killers” in NC. Like your blog, don’t let any one tear you down. They are just envious.

  7. Thanks tom! You’re my official blog moderator. Heh!
    Yeah, I guess we all have our own demons and we have to struggle with them every day. January will be no drinking month.
    Thanks for the support my friend, and Happy Holidays!
    Will reply the rest of the comments later. Thanks all!

  8. i’ve been following hb since the ‘good old’ veritas days. i was a recreational user and i found hb’s blog to be uh… informative but people grow up, change and move on. i did. and after what hb went through, i’m not sure veritas was a good choice to continue on. i think it is good that he is writing about something different. i for one can’t complain about having eye candy to ogle at, haha.
    back to the post topic, the food doesn’t look good presentation wise and i’ve been told to stay away from pizza uno, haha. but i’m glad you guys find the food .. uhm.. edible? =P
    maybe there has been a change of chefs? time to drop by for a meal i guess.

  9. hey bro, Pizza Uno from CenterPoint?? i stay just 5 mins from there…mind just gimme a call so i can join up…my num is 019-834XXXX will email to you…lolz

  10. YingYang: Pasta is good. Always. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Simon Seow: Wah, you actually went and wiki that info. Heh! No lar we won’t report you to the police. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    suanie: Really? I thought she wanted money for food. Was she speaking in Cantonese or Mandarin?
    Vickie: Doris? She was out with her friends. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Chriso: Yeah, the most easily concealable facial piercing, to date. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Z0E: Zoe! Ikut kiri! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Michale (Mike): Zoe has the same family name as mine in Chinese. Fu, the written Chinese character. I wonder if we’re somehow related. ๐Ÿ™‚
    anon: Replied, mate. It’s up there.
    Paul: I can vouch for their weekend ravioli though. Very good.
    Darren: It doesn’t heal up on you? Mine heals in like…3 hours and I have to repierce it.
    JW: Haha!
    sash: I live in the Aman Suria area. Yeah, we’re probably very close. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yi May: Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeah, I love the weekend special ravioli, the sauce is to die for. Cheers!
    tom: Thanks tom! Your journey has been much further than mine. I hope to get there someday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    hitomi: I’m just not used to Suanie’s digicam. I keep getting the macro confused. I can take better photos next time I go with my own digicam, of which I am very familiar with the functions. ๐Ÿ™‚
    seth.frostheart: Thanks buddy, our journey is one very few people can understand, much less relate to.
    Anyway, which outlet of Pizza Uno did you go to? We went to the one in Centerpoint.
    Chris Thoo: It’s good stuff indeed!
    cwee: Will do, email me, haven’t got your mail yet. Cheers!

  11. Pizza Uno used to be a decent joint – when their prices weren’t highway bloody robbery. Their bloody aglo olio used to cost 8 bucks and their fried spring chicken 15 bucks a couple of years ago. Their pasta carbonara was good…when it cost a dozen bucks. Now? Not worth the money. Why the hell do they double their prices when the portions and the quality of their ingredients is getting worse or smaller?

  12. nope, in fact i have even go on without the stud for two days and i can still put the stud back. I guess it’s been over a year or so it probably wouldn’t heal back that fasy

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