Pizza Uno

pizza uno

Pizza Uno
is located at Centerpoint PJ, the center of the world. I went to Pizza Uno last night with Yee Hou, Suanie, Zoe, and Hannah. BTW, does Hannah have a blog?

pizza uno sangria

This is Sangria (RM 34), which according to the menu is a mixture of fruit juices, wine and brandy. The four of us had this, I won’t say which four coz one person is a minor. :p

pizza uno food

Zoe and Hannah shared the Alla Carbonara (RM 22).
I went for the Ravioli with Chicken and Mushroom Stuffing (RM 24) which is only available during weekends. Absolutely fabulous!
Suanie had the Deep Fried Whole Spring Chicken (RM 26), described as a tender young bird.
Yee Hou went for the Aussie Pizza (RM 32), which is rather authentic – it has egg on top.

pizza uno suanie

This chicken looks a bit obscene with its legs spread wide open like this.

pizza uno take out

This is the first time I’ve seen people take off their tongue piercings to eat – Zoe and Hannah does that.

pizza uno obc

Lainie joined us later and had the Oven Baked Chicken (RM 24). She didn’t even finish it.

pizza uno me

Here’s an anecdote from the night – some poor old soul came in and asked us for money for food. I offered her my slice of pizza but she declined. It seems that she prefers cold, hard cash. Heh!

pizza uno us

The Pizza Uno manager on duty chased her away politely after that – “Auntie, can you please not bother the customers?”. I thought that was pretty funny.

pizza uno four

The drawing of the four (with tongue piercings).

pizza uno panna cotta

This is the Panna Cotta (RM 8) we had for dessert. I forgot to bring my digicam, but lucky for me, Suanie practically lives at the mall (or close enough anyway) so all photos here – courtesy of her digicam. Thanks Suan! πŸ™‚

pizza uno feed

It’s not everyday you get the honor of being fed by Zoe. πŸ˜‰

pizza uno zoey 

Zoe sends her love.

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