The IntenseCure @ Cafe Libre

cafe libre

I woke up early yesterday morning to navigate the maze that is Cheras. I picked up Ginny and we went to Café Libre for coffee. Café Libre is operated by Grant and Yasmin, the husband and wife couple.

cafe libre interior

Café Libre is located opposite the KL branch of Huygens Asia where I used to work as a Systems Engineer before I went to several DATCs. It’s bright and friendly, and I hear the barista is headhunted from Starbucks in MidValley. Heh!

libre cofee

Grant and I share a lot of common traits and interests and I felt quite sorry for Ginny coz we were just talking the entire time we were there. There was so much to catch up on and we have so many common experiences that I could see Ginny yawning just listening to us go on and on. Sorry!

never enough

Grant in person!

never enough yasmin

His wife Yasmin, who runs the café…

never enough ginny

…and Ginny Yap. =D

Grant, never enough, eh mate? Kindred souls, my friend.

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18 thoughts on “The IntenseCure @ Cafe Libre”

  1. Well, I said it in my post, but it was great to meet you, *finally* LOL!
    And I don’t remember either of us stopping talking throughout. 😉
    Don’t be a stranger – anytime you’re passing or in the area – just always SMS me first, because as I told you it is most definitely Yasmin’s cafe, I just visit to eat and drink. 🙂
    (Lainie, I actually *don’t* think it was a hickey, but I wasn’t prepared to investigate that closely 😉 )

  2. Grant (Intensecure): Yeah mate, so much in common. 🙂
    I will text you when I’m in the area. Would be great to catch up again. 🙂
    chefmel: Not a lovebite. 🙂
    Choonie: No la, unattached right now. :p
    victor: Haha!

  3. Haha, I was going to say about Huai Bin’s neck too. Wonder who that unlucky girl was? Haha… Oh! Mmmh… or maybe that guy with pants down with pic taken back in Ipoh. Hahaha….

  4. I use worked at Starbuck as a barista during college days yet I never drank coffee. My sister Amy at Godiva Chocolate. Boy in 3 months she over 20 lb due to job make all workers eat many type of chocolate to know how they taste.
    New batchs come in she get to take home old leftover ones end up with bags of it.

  5. kindred souls.I like that. like me and connie. she is a very great friend and starts her third chemo tommorow, after double mascstomy.
    she used to have great hair. she is now bald. she cryed over that, you
    u know only 50 years old. Her husband, David, a friend since childhood is pretty tore up. I sit with a busted arm and ribs and there is not a damn thing I can do in this world to help her, except pray. do me a favor, HB? I don’t give a damn about me, but please say a prayer for her.
    I am a beliver, and methodist, at that. She is, well, look on goggle and type “wise woman”. A combination of wiccin and Hatian voodo and
    catholic. I should know better. but she is my friend. perhaps she is wiser than me. right now, I don’t feel very wise, at all.
    half a world away;

  6. Vickie: You don’t drink coffee??? How do you wake up in the morning?
    Ooh, Godiva chocolates. Best ever.
    ShaolinTiger: *points at Ginny*. I didn’t take the photo. 😉
    Grant (Intensecure): Oh wait, now I forgot, who took this photo? Yeah, G (the other G, ST G) should hang out with us next time. 🙂
    tom: tom, I’m not a praying man despite being raised as a Methodist like you, but I’m closing my eyes now and saying a prayer for your friend. I hope she gets well. God’s grace is bountiful and he always forgives.
    You take care too buddy, you’re in no shape right now as well with your busted limbs and ribs. I will pray for you as well.


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